Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Baby C" Update

I am going to call this wee one "Baby C" for Chosen by God. Please continue to pray, a very long week and a long story, but I finally got to talk to  little mommy today. We actually had quite a chat....she was very responsive to me, and my heart aches all the more, but I also have hope. 

Bottom line is, Little Mommy does not want to have an abortion...she has tried to talk to her mom, but mom sees no other way. She has even tried to talk about adoption with mom, but SO FAR, mom says "no".
I have stressed to "Little Mommy" that it is her choice to make in the end and that not even mom can make this choice....and that although we all wish this had never happened...she has to make the best possible choices from here on.

Right now, "Baby C" lives...and an abortion date has NOT been set.
I have offered to help in any and every way possible should she choose to carry this baby to term.
I have asked her to please come and talk to me, even if she chooses to abort. That I will not judge her and that no matter what, she will need someone who knows what's going on to talk to. (Right now, other than Rhonda, through my updates, I am the only staff member that knows all that is happening with Little Mommy)
I have told her that I understand her mom's fears and why she is being as determined as she is, but that there is help available should she make a different choice.

 Little Mommy has stated she does not want to "kill her baby", but feels she has no choice as we are talking about a very young teen with hopes of college...She told me "my mom is my world, if she won't change her mind, I have no choice".
Please pray for mom....such a wedge of bitterness could develop if she forces this against Little Mommy's will.
We need mom's heart to change!!!!

I will update as I can...Please pray for continued favor for me with Little Mommy and hopefully anyone else involved!
Pray protection over Baby matter how long this little one exists on is cared for and chosen by God. 
My heart aches for God's chosen one to be given the choice and gift of life...


Shaun and Holly said...

Thanks for the update. Praying much...


Mona said...

Praying for all involved.
If I can be of any help outside of my prayers please let me know.
I do have to ask this Where is the Father in all of this,mommies and baby C's?
The Lord is with you
Bless you for being there for this young girl.

Jen said...

Thanks Maureen

From what she told me, "Little Mommy's" dad is financially in the picture, but not much else.
Baby C's daddy is still with little Mommy, I met him, very young as well, does not want the baby aborted either.

Shari said...

God will continue to grant you wisdom and grace as you journey with baby C's mommy!
This remains in my heart and prayers.