Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Meeting By Chance?

We met by "chance" as she passed in the hall
So many new faces...but this one is different.
Something's not right, I wait by the bathroom
To check on this young one who has caught my attention

She's sick and she's scared...she's only a child.
"Is it possible?" was my question
"we've been dating 7 months..." was her reply
I wonder if she still thinks it was worth it...

She'd just talked to mom, the doctor's been called
She'll know by tonight...but my heart knows it now
I get her crackers and water and tell her to rest
As I leave her my heart begins to cry out

Two young ones made choices
Now, so many in pain...This scared one
A baby?
The families of both

My mother's heart feels compassion
How would I react?
My baby's too young...and her body so small
My dreams for her future are quickly dissolving

Would the thought cross my mind?
To not face the shame and the fear...
So many lives in the balance
Will they see any other choice?

My spirit is heavy and cries to the Lord
Wisdom, protection, Divine intervention
Healing and wholeness
Let them know there ARE choices

The days go by, I continue to pray
Till I "happen" to see her and ask how she is.
My heart had not lied, the baby is real
She's feeling better, but an appointment's been made.

My heart grieves at the news
Can't they see another way?
When I ask how she'll feel, her answer sounds practiced
I can't disagree when she tells me... she's simply too young.

The decision's been made, yet I can't give up hope
Intercession comes often..."Choose LIfe" is my prayer
and for one more "chance" meeting to present one more option,
and a cry to this baby ...I WANT YOU TO LIVE!


Shaun and Holly said...

...heart wrenching....

I am praying.


Shari said...

The short term answer... can cause such long term pain!!

My heart is heavy too!

Amy said...

She will never be the same either way. It will hurt so much more this way.... I am praying as well.

Mona said...

Jen I was this girl 29 years ago and I thank God for the decision I made and rejoice in the grandchildren that followed.
I have also been through the after effects of a child making the same decision as this young girl. What I do know about that is my unborn grandaughter (Mary) is safe in the arms of Jesus for I was shown and it eases my heart.It is easing my childs heart for her choice that was hard and 11 years later it still rears its ugly head.
Praying for this young girl that the Lord will show her His plans in such a confusing fearful time.
My heart aches for her.

Tammy said...

Yes it is a tough choice to be made. I know from first hand experience what it is like to know your future has been so quickly changed. God is good and he does work everything out for good......