Friday, September 19, 2008

On A Lighter Note:

You would never know it by coming into my home, (well maybe my tea cupboard would hint at it), but I am by nature, very organized.
I like everything to have a place and when used, returned exactly to that place.

Being married for 19 years to a man who does not value this quality quite as much as I would like, and raising 4 children, (not one of whom seems to have inherited this valuable trait!); I have decided not to make this a point of war in our home....which means, there is very little order and organization.
At times, denying my nature in this area, is trying, but I compensate in little areas.

One such area, is my purse. 
My purse is completely organized.
There is a pocket for lip gloss, another for keys, a pouch for all the children's health cards (organized in order by birth), there is another pocket for sunglasses and finally, one that holds a small emergency kit with band aids and the like.
Everything has a place, and I don't lose things....really ever. If I need something in a hurry or am running late, all of my necessities are right where I left them....

UNLESS someone else has used them!
This morning I awoke to an intruder rifling through my hubby no less!
I had him cease immediately.
Later, when I got up, sure enough, the little first aid kit had been THROWN into the main compartment, along with emergency ladies' products that all belong in a specific pocket.

Can you really blame me, for giving Mark a hard time about not putting things back where they belong, and keeping my purse off limits? After all, I have to have one small area of organization in my life!

We are having this conversation, complete with Mark making excuses, (which just makes me all the more determined), in the kitchen while Jianna is eating breakfast.
Just as I am gaining ground, Little One pipes up:

"No offense mom..."
Whenever Jianna starts out a sentence, with "No Offence", look out! She is about to point out something (usually obvious), that she thinks might be upsetting to you...Usually, it makes for quite a laugh.

"No offence Mom, but you are kind of treating dad like he is a child"
Mark LOVED, I mean he REALLY loved it!!

In the end, I think Mark did get the picture about my purse, and Jianna conceded that dad was acting a little bit like a kid there! I WON!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm curious....what would Mark say if I asked him 'Who won?'

Shari said...

Okay "miss perfect little purse person"... mine always looks like a pick pocket has rummaged through it!!

Now I know who to ask for a klneex on a moments notice.

I miss having Mrs Robar around with her ever ready supply of mints or gum.

Amy said...

Oh goodness..this would be war zone in my home!!! Look OUT if someone puts something away wrong. lol. I, like you, have calmed a bit, but I will not let them overrule me. lol. I will have a say until my death. (ha! I'm laughing now).

BTW--health cards and b/c are organized by birth order in my wallet as well!!!!

Jen said...


I believe more and more that we were sisters separated at birth...too funny!
I've seen your pictures though, you have had far more victory than I in the holding on to organization category...I live vicariously through your organized home!!!!

I am not much on keeping gum and mints in my purse...not because I don't like them, but they truly only serve as "munchkin bate" in my house, and my purse would fall prey to many more intruders...large and small!

Anonymous...would that be "the other Mark" again?
Mark being the wise man that he is, knowing how to hold on to a good thing when he finds it, would ABSOLUTELY say that I won!!!!!
He knows who does the cooking in our house!!!!

Shari said...

Okay Amy, Birth certificates in order of their births in your wallet... that's therapy for this!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love organization.....too bad my house doesn't. Ha ha ha...

Shaun and Holly said...

The only thing i am obsessive about is grocery shopping and the order of things that go on the check out belt: 1st cans, boxes, frozen things, dairy, meats, and finally produce. Lol

God help us all! ;o)


Sheila said...

I'm really jealous about your purse!

I just bought a new wallet yesterday on a bid to get my purse more organized!

But I agree. I hate it when people wreck things I've organized, too! And it's not childlike to say it!

So there! :)

Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

Tamatha said...

lol! I didn't know that there were people out there that organized things in purses like you!haha...and there is more than one of you!:o) Too funny. I can definately relate though to some of the comments...especially the putting things on the conveyor belt in a certain order. It used to annoy me SO much to have Tom with me shopping...he messed it up all the time!lol I gave up though cause arguements over the order of groceries just was not worth
(now I just look the other way literally)lol