Saturday, August 30, 2008

I am not sure where this particular Summer has gone, I truly feel like I should have another 2 weeks with the kids before we go back into the busyness of school routines again.

Alas! It is not to be, Labour Day weekend...our days of lazy freedom are all but over.

The back packs and supplies are bought and packed, new clothes and new shoes have been laid out for 4 growing children...(Michael jumped to a men's size 9 shoe, from a 7 in the spring...and Miss Maria has feet almost the size of mine in a lady's 8!!!! How tall are these kids going to grow?!?!?)
Lunch fixings with a few back to school treats have been purchased awaiting their preparation and packing into lunch pails.

Last week I got the call that I am indeed heading back to school as well...things are quite up in the air with teacher talks ongoing, but I will be back at Centennial supervising students full time next week. After the first week, the plan is that I will go back to my regular least until the contract talks are complete.

Mark has his new business cards, the advertising blitz has begun, the packing of his "junk", (excuse me, I meant to say books, papers, files etc.)is moving along.
The younger kids have been excitedly exclaiming "daddy's moving out!"...Thank you Jesus, they are oblivious to what that phrase could mean!
They all have ideas about what this newly emptied space could become...everything from Maria's own room to a Wii room.
They will be sorely disappointed to discover my selfishness in reclaiming it as my place of solace.

This weekend, we kick back, spend time together and enjoy one last "HURRAH!!" of Summer.

This morning as I contemplated the excitement, the anticipation, all of the preparations that are going in to this new season, there is some sadness at leaving summer behind, but mostly resolve to make the changes and transitions as gentle as possible.
Really, that's what all the preparations are about aren't they?

Knowing we are heading into a new season, changes that are inevitable, changes that each one has been preparing for (though mostly without realization), well...really, since the day we were born.
One step has always led to another, each one has grown and matured, in every possible way.
Each stage of growth has led to leaving clothes, teachers and shoes behind.

It's all got me thinking about how God prepares each one of us for the new seasons that are inevitable...sometimes we are not very excited about the changes He brings.

Sometimes, we try to reason, change His mind or hold on to the past...but honestly, He has prepared each one of us, (one step at a time), for our new season. 
WE may not think we are ready, but He has lovingly bought and paid for all that we need to transition matter how daunting our new season may appear.

So, as my household prepares for all of the changes that September is bringing in the natural, I am being reminded to anticipate and embrace the spiritual and emotional changes that come with each new season.

Happy LABOUR Day everyone!
What happens after "labour day" ladies?
A new birth!!!

Bless you all in your seasons of transition, labour and new birth!


Rhonda said...

Happy Labor Day to you to Jen!

So glad that you are coming 'back to school' with me.

Shari said...

It feels as though we've completely missed summer... but like it or not here comes fall!!

Mark is moving his business? Wow, I'm really behind the times.

I've tried sending you an email but am wondering if you've received it? Can you please email me with you current address - thanks!


Shaun and Holly said...

Praying for you for Tuesday (and praying for your FEET)!

You sure are BUSY with MANY changes!!! I am looking forward to it all slowing down for that I can see you!! ;o)


jewels said...

That was beautifully said, Jen! Happy Labor Day to you too!

Good luck with school; I hope the kids have a great year!

Shaun and Holly said...

Does your email work yet???

Jen said...


Just replied to your email!