Monday, August 11, 2008

Embracing Life

I am sitting here so in awe, so inspired right now.
Greg, our home designer, contractor, renovator and friend was by this eve. putting a finishing touch on our major bathroom reno....(pictures to come later).
Christine, known locally as our Starbucks Manager, and Greg's fiance and our friend came along.

I may be off on the time line, but a week or two after Christine and Greg got engaged, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.
This is an amazing couple from Godly families who knew what to do in crisis, they gathered a few friends and the families together to pray and to take communion on Christine's was an amazing experience, I was blessed to have been a part of it.

Christine has amazed everyone with her positive attitude and her ability to focus on the future and not the curse of a disease that was trying to rob her. 
The doctor's reports have been very positive...they are now contemplating whether they will even need to do surgery....they can no longer feel the cancer.
Praise the Lord!

I wanted to share an amazing photo shoot that Christine recently had done...I am in Awe of the beauty of this young woman....I honestly don't think she could look more beautiful with hair.
I was so blessed to see this documentation of how she is embracing life to it's fullest at a time when many would be hiding and feel sorry for them selves, (understandably so).

Have a peak, I believe you will be truly inspired....the slide show is only available until Friday though.


Cheryl said...

Yes, I saw some of the pics on Christine's facebook. Thanks for sharing the link for the entire picture show.
We are so proud of Christine for her attitude and absolute trust in God.

He is doing a miraculous thing in her.

Shaun and Holly said...


Mona said...

Absolutely Breath Taking.