Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer Update

I have been waiting and waiting to get pictures from my new-to-me Blackberry (Mark's that he has his latest toy...the "iPhone")...but have realized that it is now 3 weeks from my last post....still waiting on pictures.

So, here's what has kept me busy for the first 1/2 of the summer break:

I set 2 goals for Jianna and myself for the summer....learning to ride a 2 wheeler and learning to swim.
Although she had a new bike and was pretty 'gung-ho' in the Spring, she was not terribly motivated to learn and though I had many promises from siblings to help her....we were no closer to learning. SOOOOOO being the ingenious mom that I happen to be, and knowing my kids are all VERY much Mark's off spring....I did what any good mom would do.......

Jianna and Maria are heading with me to Indiana on Sunday and have been furiously doing chores to earn money to shop with . So, Tuesday or Wed. of last week, I announced that I would give Jianna $20.00 if she could learn to ride by Sunday....AND whoever helped her learn, (the last person before she could ride independently) would also earn $20.00.
You should have seen the eyes light up around the table!!!
Suddenly everyone was willing to help! 
Two days later, Jianna was riding independently and by Monday she looked like she'd been riding for a year...She and Michael are $20.00 richer and Jianna is very proud of her new found freedom.
(would be pictures here...)

Now for swimming, She has gotten far more comfortable in the water, but due to a spill from a tube in  the middle of Moira Lake earlier in the season, she is not as close as I'd like to swimming. Maria and Miss Britt. have worked furiously to get her kicking and trying to get Jianna to put her face in the water....and YES, I offered money AGAIN....but Jianna will need more time, and probably some lessons. 

Saturday night the girls and I had a Hannah Montana Party with Rhonda and Miss Britt.

We had munchies, Hannah Montana clothes, hair 'do-dads', press on nails, tattoos,
lip gloss, decorations, and Candy....and if I ever figure out how to download the pictures, you'd get to see Miss Britt in complete Hannah clothes, she looked awesome!....It was great fun!!!
Britt squealed over her beloved Jonas Brothers and Jianna danced the eve. away....girls are so much fun!

Sunday night was the boys' night....technically Jonathan's, but Mike had a great time with the guys too.
Jonathan was celebrating his 16'th Birthday with all his buddies for a sleep young men, eating pizza, and junk and ice cream cake....laughing and making us laugh and playing video games into the night. They are all such a great group of kids, and always fun to have around.
Easy too!
As long as I provide lots of food and keep the girls out of their way, they are pretty self sufficient. They must be growing up too, because they actually went to sleep around 1:30 vs an all nighter that they would ordinarily pull....all of them having jobs now, probably helps with that need to sleep.

Yesterday My beloved first born turned 16!!!
I know, I know!!!
There is NOOOOO way I could be the mother of a 16 year old....I AGREE. but alas it must be so, although I KNOW I am not aging, this towering being that occupies my home and my heart, screams a truth, I am not yet willing to accept.
Is it possible to have the kiddos grow up, and remain as young as I THINK I am?!??!?!?
Lies are not only permissible here, but ENCOURAGED...even CRAVED!!!!!!

Jonathan, being the youngest of his group, was determined to be the first to actually get his G1 drivers on the day of his we set out yesterday for the driver exam office, only to find out that they no longer recognized Quebec birth certificates issued prior to 1994...Jon was 1992.....AIGHHH!! I love Quebec, I love Quebec, I love Quebec.....(keep telling yourself Jen).

Thankfully, as Jonathan's was issued by the city and not a baptismal certificate, they called 45 minutes before they closed to tell Jonathan he could write!!!!!!
Woo HOO!!!
He DID pass and his daddy has given him his first lesson.....sigh....I am not sure I am ready for this. How do we jump ahead to a safe confident driver who can help with the family chauffeur service?
Wasn't I just taking Jonathan to the park to practice riding his 2 wheeler?....Oh right, that was Jianna......
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ feels a little like a whirl wind at the moment...

On top of all of this and in case you local folk haven't noticed, all of my phone numbers have changed this hubby has been in the middle of turmoil as he weighed the pros and cons to a major business move he was approached about.
This was really tough for both of us as it affects our lively hoods but also the futures of our 2 business associates....
What is the right decision? Is there a right decision? Is this a case of God blessing "whatever your hand finds to do"? Where is the writing on the wall when you need it?

Well, Monday the decision was made and announced that Mark and The Piers Group will be joining and coming under the umbrella of Dominion Lending which is operated by a local business giant who is respected and praised for rejuvenating and bringing life back to our down town core.
We do feel that this is the right decision and will mean that by Sept. Mark will have his office outside the home....(sorry Starbucks), I will get my "quiet room" back, and Mark (and his team) will have the support of one of the premiere business minds in this city.

I am personally, hoping that the rest of the summer is a little less intense than the first 1/2 has been....but doubly enjoyable in the fun factor category!!!!

If I ever get techy minded enough, I will post the pictures that correspond to this post...if not....use your imaginations!


Shaun and Holly said...

Your Summer sounds fun! Tirzah is wishing that I would bribe her (for what i do not know)!?!! Heehee...

I really hope that you can post those pics soon! I am looking forward to seeing them.

Hope you and the girls have a FANTASTIC time away!


Amy said...

Thanks for the updates!! So glad everyone is well.
I bet Jianna loves riding now? I know when my two learned I couldn't get them off their bikes for quite some
Swimming is a bit harder eh? I'm sure she'll have it mastered by the end of summer. Hannah has been swimming really well for a few years, but Isaiah is quite hesitant, so that is a challenge for us. We are certain he'll be good by the end of the summer. Good luck to you all.

Shaun and Holly said...

Oh my goodness. I can't believe that i forgot to say this in my 1st comment. How rude of me. Here it goes: YOU LOOK WAY TOO YOUNG TO HAVE A 16 YEAR OLD!!!!!!!!

;o) Am I the best, or what? Heeheee....


Jen said...

AHHHH Holly!!!!
It is truly refreshing that you understand me and my little quirks!
And to think your sweet comment came completely unsolicited....sigh, the world is truly a better place, with Holly in it!!!!

Shari said...

Watch it Jen... remember I've got Quebec blood in me. We had to switch my birth certificate last year to renew my passport.

You could have saved some dough by having Kevin teach your darling daughter to ride her bike - I bet he'd have done it for half the cost!

When Amanda first learned she took right off down the road at Cobourg Camp, when she got to the end of the road she hit the brakes... while keeping her feet up on the pedals (after all this was how it was done with the training wheels on).

Kevin saw what was about to happen but couldn't get there fast enough... CRASH... Dad went from "hero to zero" in seconds. Amanda was NOT HAPPY that Daddy didn't caught her OR teach her right!!

Jen said...


Jianna asked yesterday if she could take her bike to Indiana with us....she rides every day, and when I get back, I will need to start riding with her as I can no longer keep up with her on our rides around the block. Soon she will be ready to hit the bike trails with Maria and I, which is why I put the push on learning.


I might have saved some money with Kevin's tutorage, but I wouldn't want a daughter who hated her pastor...
How is he with swimming lessons though? Any near drownings?

I know, Quebec....I have great memories of living in the province and one of those dearest to my heart was born right there in Hull....BUT, the politics and little rules of that province....can get me to pulling my hair out!!!!

jewels said...

Jen, you keep me laughing! Well, I DO find it hard to believe you have a 16 year old! I think it is wonderful you feel young (and by the way--you are---it's not like you're 65!). Good luck with Jonathan learning how to drive. I am sure he will do well with parents like you and Mark. I told my hubby he will have to teach our kids cause I am not trusting enough to be in the passenger seat with my child behind the wheel.

Way-to-go Jianna! That cracked me up that even Mark's eyes lit up regarding the $20 bribe.

The Hannah Montana night is right up our alley. My Hannah loves all things Disney Channel and girly. Glad you had so much fun. Yes, girls are a lot of fun, aren't they?

And I hope all goes well with Mark's new job! This sounds like a really promising opportunity!

Rhonda said...

What a great summer - so glad to have shared lots of those memories with you!

Your babies are growing up - but amazing you don't get any older!!

Hope you and the girls have a fabulous getaway!

Shaun and Holly said...

Hey there! I love the look of your Blog!!!!

Cheryl said...

That sounds like one busy summer. Its good to have time out with our kids while they are young. It goes way too fast!

Nice new look to your blog.