Wednesday, July 2, 2008

State of my Heart and "sick" Drs

I finally got in to see my new Cardiologist today and since so many of you were wonderful  about praying etc. when I first went to see my new Family physician, I thought I would give you the update.
For some reason, I was only called about my appt. with the Dr. not the ECG that they had scheduled for 1/2 hr. before, and was therefore 1/2 hr. late for that test.
After having to bare my chest to 2 perfect strangers (2 different techs for 2 different tests), I got to meet my Dr....another perfect stranger asking personal type questions and listening to my heart....(this is as bad as being pregnant!!!!).
So by the time the Dr. took my blood pressure...."it was a little high"...Oh there's a surprise!!!!!
I will say, this Dr. was great though...he was very relaxed and thorough and after doing a series of blood pressure readings, (and having normal BP), he confirmed that I am prone to "white coat syndrome"...stress from going to the Dr. 
I agreed that was quite likely, since I developed a splitting headache on the way....not something I have to deal with much. I told him I thought it was ridiculous that I would get that "stressed", but even with that, he was very good. He felt it was quite normal considering the needles and "minor surgeries " of childhood.
Of course, it might help if I could keep the same Dr. for more than one set of tests!
So, I discovered that the medical bunch, though very friendly and helpful....have a bit of a "sick" side to them (No offence Cheryl).
The ECG tech has been doing these for over 20 years and informed me that instead of a coarctation of the aorta, it looks like I have a "pseudo coarctation of the aorta", something she has only seen a few times. In layman terms, it means that instead of the aorta closing off, it is actually a little too long for the space, and kind of folds in on itself. Before she began, she asked if I'd had surgery, she was slightly surprised when I said no, that they had thought they would have to when I was 12....but they also said I'd never have kids and have 4. I told her "there is medicine, and then there is GOD".
Although everything is working really well, this was kind of a novelty to this bunch ....almost like a new toy it she figured they would send me for a chest MRI...."because it would be 'fun' for them to collaborate over"
Do I look like a rare new toy, who gets kicks out of Drs and their tests!?!??!?!?
Might as well let them have their fun and maybe get over this "white Coat" business at the same time...or there is the possibility that having to "bare my chest" to even MORE strangers, will send the BP over the top....of course that would probably just give them one more kick to  conference about and order even more testing!!!
A vicious medical circle I tell you!
So, bottom line: When I was twelve and Had received a touch from God...the Drs went from wanting to do immediate surgery to "maybe when you are 40"...(seemed like forever then), Now that I am kicking and screaming ever closer to that dreaded number....the Dr. says, "maybe when you are 80 or so".
I am pleased with that, but am planning on reaching 80, to have them say, "maybe in another 40 years"!!!!
Thanks for your prayers and I will do my best to be a good little patient and let these guys do all their tests "for fun"...and stay absolutely calm throughout....I NEED a cup of tea now!!!! 


Shaun and Holly said...

Thank you for that update. I am sorry that the appointment was so stressful. Kind of a vulnerable thing to have to be "shirtless",eh?!
It is wonderful to see how God is continuing to have his hand of healing on your heart. I am blessed to have you in my life!

Rhonda said...

Thank you for the update. I'm so glad to hear the good news. Or, should I say God news. (Perhaps He can help you with your 'white coat disease' too! I like that term - kind of funny. :)

You are definitely being taken care of - no worries after all, right?

Continue to walk in divine health!!

Cheryl said...

Ya going to the doctors is only fun for the nurses (lol)
I hate going there myself!

Yay for a good report and expecting more to follow.

Williams Family Blog said...

That is great news Jen. So nice of them to want you to do more tests.
My kind family doctor sent me for my first mammogram last month..I am so naive....oh boy, I didn't think the girls would be the same after that.

Cathy said...

Glad to hear the report Jen! I can relate to the "baring it all". I just had an eco-stress test and had to do the same. Makes ya feel just lovely!