Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I am A Blessed Woman!!!

August 12th, 1989 Mark and I got married...We were introduced by some would be "match makers" in 1986...we went out on a couple of dates, but nothing really clicked, (at least for me). Mark was quite persistent and I really didn't know at 17, how to let him know that I wasn't interested....SOOOOOO, I took Mark for a ride on an ornery pony named Poncho.
Mark had never ridden, and I had great fun watching him bounce along and hold on for dear life as we trotted through the trails....I KNOW NOT VERY NICE!!!!........BUT IT WAS FUNNY!!!!!

It took a little more persistence on my end...especially since the family I lived with, loved Mark and were not very helpful when it came to my desire to end things; but, eventually, Mark and I parted ways, and lost touch for the next couple of years. We both moved around a bit, but when Mark heard that I was living in his home town in New Brunswick, he moved from Toronto, to see if things might be different between us.

I was dating someone else, but Mark was persistent and made sure he was around to be my comforter and friend when that relationship ended....then he moved in to take his territory.
We spent lots of time talking and Mark informed me early on, that if we dated, I needed to break up with him before 3 months were up, because if I did not, he would ask me to marry him.
That scared me off for all of about a week, and Mark held true to his word....he asked me to marry him on a carriage ride through Central Park on Good Friday, 1989 and we were married that August.

Here we are 19 years later, having gone through, marriage crisis, hardship and poverty together.....but let me tell you about this anniversary.
God has done a tremendous amount of work in both Mark and I over the years...we have experienced miracles in every area of our lives...we are blessed with 4 children we were "never supposed to have".

When all we could afford to eat was pancakes and peanut butter, we gave ourselves and our situations to Jesus....when anniversaries would come, we would get each other cards and I would try and make Mark a favorite meal. Gifts were out of our reach for a number of years.

God blessed us, then and He continues to bless us....

This year, Mark has talked about our anniversary literally for months. At first, I found this odd, as it was our 19th....not a major mile stone like 20....to this, Mark declared that every year was special, and what made 20 any more of a mile stone than 19?
I couldn't argue, but asked few questions as I knew my hubby was itching to tell, and I do love surprises.

Well, I was absolutely stunned when I opened my gifts and cards which were all hints to THE gift......

In November, 2 more of my dreams from youth are coming true....I am going on a Carribean cruise, and one of the excursions we can choose is horseback riding on the beach....I have always dreamed of doing that!!!!

As it turns out, my hubby has had a cohort, and that is why he was able to keep a secret as long as he has....Rhonda received the same gift for her anniversary 2 weeks ago....We are all going together!!!!


Rhonda said...

Hooray!!! Can't wait. I'm so glad that we are going together!

Happy Anniversary!

Shaun and Holly said...

Yipie!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you! Oh, and Happy Anniversary to BOTH of you!!!

jewels said...

How fantastic is that?! Happy Anniversary! It sounds like Mark is a wonderful man. I am glad you gave him another chance!

Mona said...

What a wonderful story of your life together so far. I am looking forward to many more blessed stories. Happy Anniversary and Enjoy your gift with the man God hand picked just for you.
Blessings to you both.

Amy said...

How wonderful!!!!
Think of us in the cold as you enjoy the hot! (and I will do the same for you in January! lol)

Blessings and Congrats!!

Cheryl said...

This sounds wonderful!!!
How great.. dreams do come true.

Tammy said...

Jen, going on a cruise has and was my dream vacation. On our 20th we went on a cruise which I had dreamed about even before Todd and I were married, remember the "Love Boat"!!!???. God blessed us by dear friends actually taking us on a cruise. God is so good and loves to gives us good gifts even using people to fulfill them. We are truly blessed.
You will have the time of your life. It's better than you have dreamed off. We went to the same ports as you are going except Nassau. I am soooo excited for you!!!!! Blessings and Happy Anniversary (I know it's past)

Jen said...

Thank you all for sharing in my joy, it is still sinking in, but I am very excited,

I've thought of the Love Boat a number of times....I think that is where my dream came from as well.
There is part of me that still feels like I am sneaking in on a rich person's holiday like a stow away, and wondering if I will be able to "pull it off".
Still need a bit of mind renewing I think....but I am having fun dreaming, and planning and allowing it all to sink in though.
I am wondering how dressy/casual to plan though....especially for dinners. Their information says casual, but everyone looks pretty dressy in their photos....what was your experience?

Tamatha said...

aaaawwww.....that is SO kewl!:o)