Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Work and Wellness Update

I started out on a new path today...or may
be in a new direction of the same path.
Where it will lead is part of the unknown, but also part of the adventure.

I was originally scheduled to start at the High School yesterday, but bus cancellations changed that. So today I ventured into these uncharted waters, and guess what? The waves were not over my head after all!
There is a possibility that the tide is still out and I
 could yet be taken by surprise, but really the kids were for the most part welcoming and respectful. Reminders about things like: no hats, noise levels and taking care of their own garbage seemed to be the biggest challenges.
The kids seemed to respond well to being addressed respectfully, and no one seemed to be looking to cause trouble.
Of course they may have been sizing me up w
ith poker faces, I guess we shall see.
I'll be happy when I can remember the names of the kids that introduced themselves, which will take time...with tomorrow sizing up to be another snow day, it might take quite a bit of time.

I almost forgot!
My SWEET friend Rhonda (who it seems has a lot of pull at this school)...came up with the
 most flattering uniform for me to wear

it had a lovely big X on the back which I am sure the kids would have thought was a wonderful target...thankfully the principal did not take Rhonda's suggestion seriously!

After work, it was time to pick up Jianna and head off for the doctor.
Jianna is off the hook (temporarily), from being immunized due to a fever. This of course had her wishing to remain sick so as to permanently
 avoid the needle...But I out smarted her!
I promised her a treat on the day she gets her needle.
For a child that loves her food, a little pinch from a needle is nothing!

So, My turn.
The nurse took my blood pressure an it was something ridiculous again like  168/110...but she set the machine to do a 6 reading cycle and take the average. Even with the initial stupid reading, my average was NORMAL!!!!!
Praise the LORD!
The doctor was perfectly happy with the results, and all of my tests came back fine except that my thyroid test was a little off...I wasn't surprised, he will check that one in about 2 months, but is happy with everything, and told me to do what I am doing and not to worry about a few high readings especially if they were soon after a work out.

Yeah! God is victorious in all things.


Roxanne said...

Sounds like you are blessed!

Holly said...

Thank you JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rhonda said...

I still think you should consider the vest. The kids might not make fun of you...too much.

I'm glad you had a good day and so great to hear about your blood pressure.

If you end up with a continued not-so-good thyroid test, you'll need to talk to me. That's my area of expertise.

Cheryl said...

Sounds great!
Too bad I couldn't give Jianna her poke... I was gentle...... right Jianna

Amy said...

God is so good!!

You looked great in Walmart--(I still had my joggin pants on!! Lol...) You can really tell you are adjusting your body--looking good!!

Jen said...

Thanks everyone! I am a Blessed woman Roxanne...sometimes I find it very surreal just how blessed I am!

Amy, Sorry, I didn't stop to chat, I was very late that day, and really had to move it to let mark make a meeting.

Thanks for the compliment! It's hard work and I don't feel like I am making much progress, but I did see some when I was shopping.

Rhonda, maybe we should chat, I don't know ANYTHING about some of these things.

Cheryl, Jianna doesn't remember any of her "Pokes", so that means she will still like you!

Williams Family Blog said...

Thats great news Jen, PTL!

Love the vest, think it would make a great uniform.........for a construction worker or a crossing guard.

Enjoying your day off?

Shari said...

Fantastic new, Jen.
The uniform looks great... it could double as Sunday wear for church.

Tamatha said...

yes and amen!