Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Lost Tooth

Time for another "Jianna Story"
....honestly, I don't favor my youngest child, it's just this age, coupled with her unique outlook on life, make for some very funny stories.

Although Mark and I have never been tremendous contributers to the Fairy Tale side of childhood, I have always tried to allow and encourage them to use their imaginations.
Jianna and one of her daycare friends, as toddlers,
used to play with imaginary friends in imaginary worlds together on a daily basis.
I only remember breaking up one real fight between these two, it was over, (of  all things), 
the color of the imaginary rocket they were flying in together!
My little man was determined the rocket was blue and Jianna was equally determined it was pink, (girl after my own heart!).

Because Jianna is usually this '16' year old in a 6 year old body....I love and even foster the times she shows that she really is just a little girl.
This week we had one of those moments with her.
On Dec. 26th Jianna discovered her first loose tooth...this is a child who had been wanting to lose her teeth for about 2 years prior to this date.
She was so hoping to lose that tooth before our New Years party.

She waited and waited rather impatiently as her set dates for tooth loss came and went.
Eventually, I think she gave up, as we stopped hearing about the wiggly tooth.
One day in the past week, she declared her loose tooth was really loose, and to Jianna's extreme joy the tooth came out soon after.

Jianna carried that tooth around in a kleenex as if it were a baby in a blanket.
She had completely embraced the idea of the "Tooth Fairy", from some books at school, and couldn't wait to see what her "littlest baby tooth" might bring her.

As she was preparing for bed, I asked her if she was going to put the tooth under her pillow.
"Not tonight, I want to spend a little more time with my littlest tooth"
I guess the past 5 years weren't quite long enough!

We were getting worried about Jianna losing her tooth, so Mark said, "Jianna, Wednesdays are special, you get more money on Wednesdays....don't you want to put your tooth under your pillow?"

"No, I'll do it NEXT Wednesday".

She was also quite concerned, and wanted to know if the tooth fairy would only take her tooth if it was under her pillow vs on my dresser....I think she was picturing a jewel thief rooting around the house looking for stray teeth!


Amy said...

I agree, this age is so wonderful! Many many stories!!
Hannah lost two of her teeth a few months back--I totally forgot about it, and didn't really make an effort as we don't sell the "fairys" around our house--but MIke was on nights, and thankfully he remembered. When she woke up she found some money and no teeth. I promised her that I DID NOT put the money there (as I didn't!) . SHe got really mad and said she NEEDED to know who did--because she wanted to give the money back so she could have her teeth!!
Oh we laughed!

Roxanne said...

One time Austen lost a tooth while kneedboarding. One of my kids lost a tooth in the sand pile. My kids wrote 'notes' to the tooth fairy explaining why they couldn't leave the tooth under the pillow.
I think my kids believed in the tooth fairy longer than they believed in santa.

Shari said...

Jenna's dog Honey lost 2 teeth on the weekend.

I miss the day's of little one's and all the cute stuff.

Shari said...

Another one from DS has joined in our blogging

Check it out!!

Brittany said...

Cute very cute! I remember loosing my first tooth or should I say teeth the tooth fairy gave me 5$ it was my two BIG front teeth. It grossed me out so I gave it up and put it under my pillow as fast as I could I was so happy and suprised of the arrival and amount that tooth fairy had brought me. Teeth today still gross me out a little especially the blood. I don't want to scare you or any thing but just remember that each time a tooth comes out the older Jianna gets!!! P.S I told her congrats on tooth coming out.!

jewels said...

That is adorable!

My 6 yr old tells me all the time that her teeth are loose, and of course, none of them are. I'm glad losing them is not as traumatic as getting them as babies!

Tamatha said...

haha....that is so precious!
I missed seeing you guys at church on Sunday!:o)