Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Beauty in the Detours

This little phrase really caught my attention:
 "Happy is the person who can enjoy the scenery when they have to take a detour"

I never want to be so focused on destinations and end results that I miss the beauty of the path that takes me there.

This becomes more difficult when the path suddenly takes a sharp turn, an apparent 'detour'.
Is that unexpected twist in the road a true detour, or is there something very special along that route that has been divinely staged for my benefit?
I don't want to become so distracted by the twists and turns of life, that I miss the hidden treasures or the breathtaking beauty of the big picture.


Nana Cheryl said...

Great quote! I can't imagine this scene being on the regular, everyday trail. Beautiful!!

Why don't we like detours? Because they weren't in OUR plan! Want an adventure? The thrill is not in what is expected or anticipated.

God loves to surprize us. I'd rather follow His path - wherever it leads! ♥

Holly said...

Excellent thinking!!! I feel challenged by that...I have some things to work on! ;o)

Rhonda said...

Brittany & I went on a trip last year for a couple of days. We decided from the moment we were getting ready to go; every moment would be 'part of the adventure'. We did not want to wait until arriving at our destination to decide that our adventure started.

It made for so much more fun and we noticed all the little things along the way. Our quote for the trip was 'It's All Part of The Adventure'. That phrase was said so many times that we still refer to our time away as, The Adventure.

Amy said...

Practically I hate it when I've went on trips and had to drive, just to drive, to get somewhere....The fun starts from the moment you decided to go..

Life is like that...sometimes it's hard to think of anything but the destination, but it's so much fun to slow down and enjoy what the "scenic" route hands you...
Thanks Jen, this was great!

Mona said...

Thanks jen for this
Steve and I have decided to drive through the states when go to PEI.
He is lets just get there,but after reading this I think it's time to add an adventure in our lives.
This post has got me very excited about out trip. I think I will journal our adventure.

Roxanne said...

I am more likely to enjoy a detour on the road when I have a full tank of fuel.:)