Monday, March 10, 2008

March Break Snow

We had no idea when we ventured out for some family time over March Break that we would encounter...."Antartica-in-Aylmer".
I have a new appreciation for Belleville...these guys are so tired of snow...the running conversation has become..."Got any place to put your snow"..."yep in the garage!"

Road signs that haven't been dug out were right up to the street names.

I was feeling guilty about missing some work-outs on this little holiday, with all the shoveling and pushing vehicles out of snow banks...I think I am doing JUST FINE.

The houses in these pictures are all either 2 stories or raised bungalows, the vehicle in the driveway is a full size SUV.

The kids have had a blast though...tunnels, forts, climbing and digging.
Great Aunt Karen slid down snow banks with them and took them through waist deep snow  to play at the park.
That's Karen, Michael, Maria and Jianna sliding down the snow banks.


Rhonda said...

I'm glad you're having fun! It's always nice to get away. (Not a good destination if you don't like snow though.) Make sure you leave it all there - we don't need anymore here.

See you soon - miss you!

Holly said...

Great to see all the snow pics! Glad to hear that you are all having fun! What about Jonathan-I see he isn't our playing in the white stuff?!!

Come back soon. ;o)

Jen said...

We come back this afternoon...Johnny and my cousin Jonathan(2 years older than Jon), did go out and play Friday night before the final dumping but I was busy having my hair done so I missed the photo opp.

Amy said...

I'm actually beginning to like it now...a few days in bed, and VOILA, the snow isn't so bad!

Cheryl said...

Wow!! Unbelievable snow!!

Sounds like the kids had fun.

Shari said...

I remember snow like this as a child and teenager growing up not far from Alymer and also on the Quebec side.

Jen said...

It was so much fun!
the snow was so high that
if you ran in to the snowbank
by accident you would have to
get people to help you push the
out of the snow.

Jen said...

Seems Miss MAria has "hacked" into my blog...but at least she enjoyed her time in Ottawa....mind you she wasn't pushing any of the stuck vehicles!

Tammy said...

Yes I also remember winters like this one way back when. Digging out tunnels and playing for hours outside. But now that I'm older I just want to go south until April.......