Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blisters and a Raise!

Due to Holidays and snowdays, I have had a total of 5 days on the job since I started...three weeks ago...WOO HOO!
It's been an interesting adventure so far...some testing to see who I am, though nothing serious.

I have been given many names...all that have met my ears (so far) are just plain fun.
"Mrs. Marty"...(Marty is the original student supervisor)
"Lady Marty"
"Good Cop" in good cop bad cop
and the most popular:
"Chippy's Mom"...Mark's wife, Chippy's mom....soon it will be Kallie's owner....Someday, I will be just ME, sigh....

I have connected with some fun and some attention grabbing kids...most are great. (Quite entertaining to watch a senior chug Coffee in order to avoid having to take it to the cafeteria to drink...HIS idea NOT mine!)

In the midst of it all, I have developed numerous blisters from three hours of walking/standing each day...Principal wasn't kidding when he said I would need a "thick skin"!!!

The best part, yet pretty funny....I got a raise!!!!
I had to check out that this wasn't a mistake, but it seems I am already worth a couple more dollars an hour than I was originally told.

I am not complaining and figure it is just Rhonda's great favor at the school rubbing off on me already. God is good, though I have to giggle...or is it 'laugh all the way to the bank'?
It really DOES PAY to know people!!!!


Roxanne said...

A raise already? Wow! Celebrate!!

Holly said...

I was just wondering how things were going for you at work!

Thanks for the update...hope you find something to help pamper those tender tootsies!! ;o)

Tammy said...

Well, I guess you are a good candidate for getting a pedicure. Nothing better than getting your feet done after standing on them all day. A good way of saying thank you to your feet. Give me a call!!!! :)

Jen said...


I am sorry, but I really can't picture myself getting a pedicure....I have been told (repeatedly) how ugly my feet are, and the idea of having someone work on them...well I am not quite that secure yet! LOL!
Right now, they are a little too sore, to even think about anyone touching....a 4 day weekend will help though.

Amy said...

Could Rhonda talk to my boss?

Amy said...

OH MY!! I just read the comments and noticed that you have NEVER had a pedicure?? SERIOUS??!! You MUST MUST MUST get one...especially from Tammy...!!


Rhonda said...

Dear Priness Jen

I would recommend wearing running shoes to work.

Cinderella shoes might need to be saved for dates with the Handsome Prince.


Jen said...


Thank you for the advice...I will take it under advisement...hmmmmm....dress pants and running shoes.....I Don't think so!!!!!
If the students didn't come up with all kinds of new names for me...your own fashionista might write whole columns on my fashion Faux Pas!

I will be looking for some cute yet comfy Sketchers or the like though...and praying for callouses by Tuesday...KIDDING!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rhonda .... you are referring to me? Right? You know ... the handsome prince!!

Holly said...

I say, ditch the dress pants for jeans...then you can wear running shoes! :o)

Rhonda said...

Oh Jen! Yes, Sketchers are a perfect choice. Comfort, fashion and of course very cool!! I think your first pay cheque needs to be spent on foot wear.

I am soooo excited about your new rate of pay!! How awesome is that?!?!!!

Shari said...

A raise already wow - Money cometh!!