Sunday, November 2, 2008

Come What May

Mark and I watched this movie yesterday on line and are planning to purchase this DVD.
The story line deals with doing what's right, no matter the consequences.
The bulk of the story centers around the beginning of life debate, with some poignant and effective arguments being made.

I know these very issues are discussed by our kids at the high school level and what I love about this movie, is that though it is created by Christians and set in a christian college; that is not the vocal basis of the debates. It is not the usual quoting of scriptures to those who don't even acknowledge the Bible as truth. It is about sifting through the rolls of science, the justice system and what is beyond their scope. It is about using sound arguments from cases that set precedence within the Supreme Court.

Woven in and around the core story, are a number of others including a marriage that is all but disintegrated, largely due to neglect and differing life views. A beautiful Love story of not only finding your soul mate, and abstinence but also of preserving the heart.
There are other subtle and not so subtle messages as well.

I also love that this movie is done well, it is a first film done by a group of home schoolers, but let me tell you, there is nothing in the quality of the film that would announce that as such.

You can watch the entire movie in segments here and if it strikes a chord with you may want to consider buying a copy, particularly if you have a chance to show it within a church, small group setting,  youth group, or possibly a debate group.

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I'll have to check it out.