Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Something Light

I am spending this week busily packing the kids to go to 4 different homes, the dog for the kennel and myself for the Sunny Caribbean....so, I figured I'd join in Holly's fun, for a quick blog post:

Just for fun

Where is your cell phone?  On a table in my room
Your hair colour? Dark Blond...but will have much lighter highlights by tomorrow night
Your mother? lives with Jesus
Your father? lives by the Ocean
Your favorite thing? hugs and kisses
Your dream last night? didn't sleep well, so can't remember
Your dream goal? To have a huge house by the ocean...with room for friends to come
The room you're in? living room
Your hobby (hobbies)? reading, baking...once in a blue moon, painting
Your fear? try to avoid it
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Living my dream goal
Where were you last night?getting my hair cut and running errands for the cruise...eventually bed
What you're not? In my 30s anymore
One of your wish-list items? to have my living room furniture (an heirloom from my mom), refinished
Where you grew up? Nova Scotia...my home and native land
The last thing you did? cleaned up from supper
What are you wearing?brown cords, light brown tank, aqua sweater and birthday jewellery to match
Your TV? is in the rec room and shared by all 6 of us

Your pet? Queen Kallie, (golden doodle), at my feet...King Tut, (Maria's cat)...gone stealth, probably her bed
Your computer? A Mac Notebook...birthday gift from hubby last year
Your mood? pretty tired...didn't sleep well, started to nap with hubby, but it was time to get supper on the table...maybe a little wistful about the nap..lack of!
Missing someone? Every Day
Your car? is still a dream...some cute little, completely impractical, convertible
Something you're not wearing? Men's Underwear!!!
Favourite shop? Anytime Any where!!!!
Your summer? A time to throw routines to the wind!
Love someone? Many
Your favourite colour? Forever Pink
When is the last time you laughed? A few minutes ago, with my girls...Jianna was being silly
When is the last time you cried? A week ago, I came close and probably should have...before that, when I grieved "baby C". I will cry when I watch my kids in the Santa parade, but I don't cry easily at sad stuff. One of my Quirks.


Shari said...

oConvertible? Perhaps in "Forever Pink".... this exposes an entire side of Jen that I'm not familar with!

Shari said...
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Shaun and Holly said...

Have a wonderful time away!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

I would LOVE a macnotebook! Nice!
I love pink as well!!
Have a great time! Enjoy every last minute.

Williams Family Blog said...

Here's a thought,.. So now that the cruise is almost a reality how about your cute little dream car for next years anniversary?

Jen said...

I am a woman of many mysteries....

I love how your mind works!

Thanks everyone, I plan to have a blast..better work on that packing some more though!

Shari said...

Hey girl did you get your hair cut and coloured?

Have a fantastic time.... I'm trying really hard to not be jealous! :)

Jen said...


I got in at Salon You on Monday night for a cut...just neatening up, more layers.
Cheryl came last night and did highlights...I am very blond, but Mark really likes it though...I am ready for the sun!

I won't be obnoxious about it, but I am really looking forward to this now that most of the prep is done.