Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Life is full of choices.
Everyday we are faced with many, many choices.
Some of our choices will be great, some, may cause us setbacks, hardship or even pain.

This afternoon, I am thinking about 2 students that I had chats with today.
I know I don't have the full story on either of these students, yet I can't help make comparisons.

Two very different conversations, yet my basic advice was the same.
To one, it was an admonition to work hard and start making better choices.
To the other, it was an encouragement to continue to work hard and continue to make good decisions.

One student I know very little about, but I know he is connected with his family and has been given repeated chances to make a fresh start. He has been given every possible opportunity to get an education and to prepare himself for an honest life.
In spite of all of the breaks, he seems to have repeatedly taken the "easy" road, and has now at 16, closed the doors to being educated in at least 2 different cities' school boards.

The other student is a young girl who has been in foster care from the age of 7, she is about to change homes for over the 20th time. She has lost touch with all of her biological siblings and parents...it would seem she has not been given very many opportunities at all in life. 
In fact, it would seem, she has been robbed of many.
This girl refuses to be another "stat", she has great goals and seems to be a hard worker. She has refused the easy road, even when it has been handed to her.
She has challenged herself beyond what she thought she could do...and she is making it.
As we spoke, and she shared her dreams with me, some pretty big ones that she had down sized somewhat, but even still, dreams that I would be proud to have a daughter of mine pursue.
I encouraged this girl to pursue her "adjusted dream", as it seemed more attainable to her, but to not let go of the original dream, because with the experience she would gain in her pursuits, she could line herself up very favorably to attain her BIG dream should it still be a desire.
If that remains her dream...I have a real strong feeling, she will attain it.

So what is the difference between these two students?
I am sure there are many, but the one that will make all the difference?


It's a little cliche, but so true, taking what ever life throws our way and choosing to use it as a stumbling block or a stepping stone...

Personally, I want to choose stepping stones!


Rhonda said...

It's so amazing to see first hand the effect that choices can have on a person's life.

I'm glad that you were there to offer some good advice.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you glad you get to be an "adopted momma" to lots of kids?!
You thought they would come from another country and live in your house... but they are right under your nose every day.
Gotta love that about God.

Jen said...

Thanks Ladies
You choked me up, I have been feeling like my dream of adoption is slipping away....yet, who knows why this desire has always been so strong?
I thought a lot about this young girl today, talked to God about her too.
I asked her if her parents had not relinguished her for adoption and she told me that she had been adoptable for most of the time she has been in foster care, but that nobody wants to adopt an older child, they are too afraid of the baggage.
It broke my heart that this girl has no one to give her a name, to claim her as their own...to give her a place to call home.
I am praying she marries into an amazing family and that God will fill all of her gaps.
We so often think of our being adopted into the kingdom of God. I realized I have tended to picture infant adoption when I have pictured this...but I think this scenario may be more accurate.
A basically grown child with all of their history and probably some baggage too.
It would seem, not a whole lot of satisfaction to give to a parent...BUT He gave us all the benefits of being a part of the family and being given the authority of the family name anyway.
Not for his satisfaction, as much as for the fact that He loved us and wanted us to belong. Unconditional love.

Shaun and Holly said...


You sure are RIGHT where you need to be!!!!!! Not easy is it but so RIGHT! You are a blessing! I hope you feel blessed too!


Jen said...


I do know this, but I am in a battle right now.
Depending on how things play out, I will post something later.
The enemy really doesn't want me there and is upping the anty somewhat.
I have decided this battle is the Lord's and I will not fight it...either He fights it for me, or I will back down and out.
Prayer coverage would be great..I feel very sad.

Shaun and Holly said...

Oh my!! We need to TALK...but of course I will PRAY MUCH!!!!!

Lots of love.