Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Such A Special Heart

It was early in the day, we had finished eating breakfast together...just the two of us.
I settled in to enjoy my morning cup of Red Rose and she decided on one last little something to fill up her belly before school.

The fridge closed and she came to me with red rimmed eyes.
"Mommy, did I do something that hurt your feelings?"
She began to cry in earnest, and my mind raced through the hour she had been up.
Had I answered something too quickly or sharply?
Was she wanting me to stay with her and decide on her final snack?
I couldn't think of a thing that might have brought this on.

I held her and asked what she thought she might have done.
Through her tears, she told me she couldn't really explain.
I asked her if it was this morning.
It was this morning and yesterday

Eventually, she choked out her concerns,
"Did I hurt your feelings because I was so happy to be going to Janaia's house when you go away?"
"Oh Jianna! I am THRILLED that you will be happy and not missing mommy too much..."

It took some time to be sure she understood that I was happy for her, and would have more fun on my cruise if I knew she was VERY, VERY happy.

I felt the bitter sweet tug on my own heart, to know that at 6 she would put aside her own happiness out of concern for be quick to acknowledge another's feelings
I pray that I would have a heart that is sensitive to others the way that Jianna's heart was to me today.


Shaun and Holly said...

Adorable! May we all have that wonderful heart that Jianna felt and then expressed to you... Pure... Lovely... Beautiful!!!!!


Mona said...

God Bless her little or should I say Big heart.
When the Lord asks us to come to Him like a child this is exactly what He means.

Shari said...

She sounds like a little "burden bearer" in the making. It's so neat to see when kids are raised in so much love that they feel free to love and think of others.