Saturday, April 25, 2009

Time To Laugh

It was exciting when the new baby arrived. He was tiny and soft and smelled like morning after the rain. His name was Katsumi and everybody loved him. But now there were fewer walks with mother. And now father had less time to play. Yoshiko was afraid she wasn't special any more. She was sure her parents wouldn't even notice if she went away.

After she feels rejected by her parents, Yoshiko begs the cranes to transform her into one of them so she can fly away.

As I was looking through Jianna's recent grade 2 school work, I found questions and answers diagramming and dissecting the above mentioned story.

Here are some of the answers according to my very matter-of-fact 7 year old:

Q: What feeling does the author create by using the words: "He was tiny and soft and smelled like morning after the rain" 
A: The author makes me feel excited because Yoshiko gets a baby brother.
(she then corrected herself to answer how the actual phrase made her feel)
A:  "The author makes me feel wet because he said rain".

Q: What lesson does Yoshiko learn in this story?
A: Yoshiko learned that her parents never stopped loving her.

Q: How could this lesson be helpful to you in your life?
A: In my life, I had never needed that lesson in my life.

I think I would very much enjoy being a grade 2 teacher!


Rhonda said...

How awesome that your precious little girl has never needed 'that' lesson.

So sad for so many that have needed it.

Shaun and Holly said...

That is one awesome kid!!!

Amy said...

That's great! Love it.

Did u get the book I put in the mailbox?

Jen said...

Yes Amy we did get the book and were thrilled...I see it has Brandy's name in it, does she know you are lending her book out??? LOL Thank you and sorry I missed you!

Amy said...

We have a system worked one of us reads a book (or magazine) we pass it on to each other, and then are allowed to share with whomever else would like. We don't ever expect the books back, and IF by chance we do, we tell up front.
Feel free to share once you guys are finished.

Shaun and Holly said...

I would love to read it too! :)

Tamatha said... cute!