Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's All About the View

In my day to day life I get to make choices....continuously.
How will I react to what is going on in and around me?
Is my mood or disposition going to be controlled by the happenings in my life or by the way I choose to react ....or better yet NOT react to them?

If you ask me how I am and I say "I am well". It is not because everything in my life is going perfectly  according to plan at that moment. It isn't because all the people I know and who know me, love me and are treating me well.

The things in my life may or may not be going well, but they are not me. 
They aren't!
I made that choice many many years ago.
I am separate from the things, people and situations around me.

Maybe I really do see through rose colored glasses....or maybe I see very clearly but have chosen to embrace the good in life and refused to let the "Stuff" get to me. 
The happenings around me and the people will change from one day to the next.
Will I allow my moods be as varied as these comings and goings?
Hopefully, not very often.

Hebrews 13:8
"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever"...therefore I choose to base my disposition on that solid rock and He says I am well.

In a good heart to heart, I will not deny the circumstances that may be unfavorable surrounding me in a given season...but I will do my best to base my happiness on the good that is also surrounding me. 
The good that always out weighs the bad, it's just that sometimes the bad can crowd in so close that it is all we see.
 It is then that we must get a little higher up and look a little closer, because the view is incredible from that position.
Try getting right up cheek to cheek with God...look at what He is looking at.
Now what do you see?


Shaun and Holly said...


Shaun and Holly said...

Another thing...
...if I am indeed "cheek to cheek" with Him, then I am actually not even looking at my life. Being that close to Him, I am overwhelmed with His presence and I can get lost in it. The hard part for me, is getting to that place where I am so intimate with Him that I can indeed get lost...

Thanks for the challange.

Tamatha said...

Thanks for that post. It is a good reminder that the circumstances of life do not have to control how I am!:o)