Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Do You Want a Revolution?

With Michael, you just never know.

I've posted before about the Harvest School of the Arts, run by a local church who's vision is to provide free HipHop and voice lessons to kids from the area. The girls got involved last year and loved it. This fall, they added guitar, drums and keyboard to the program; so, Mike decided to join guitar and is absolutely amazing!
That boy is full of natural talent, he hears something once and knows it, then he spends hours and hours weekly mastering it. He will actually be performing on guitar at the Spring show at the Empire Theatre, (Free, I might add, to anyone who wants to come and watch).

Mike has a few (female) friends from school that are part of the Hip Hop group and Brenda (who runs the program) was so wishing for some boys to join in. Mike had no intention of dancing, but got sucked in while he waited for his guitar lessons every Thursday night. 
He caught on so well, that he and the one other guy (there are about 40 girls in the school), ended up in the most senior group dancing a song called Revolution.

What's really neat, is the whole school entered a float and dance in the Christmas parade. They were positioned right in front of the Belleville Bulls (our local hockey team), and they asked who this group was and what they represented. They then asked them to dance during one of their intermissions. Recently the Revolution Team performed at a playoff game and did such a great job.
Michael is on the right front row in the above picture, and the very back far left in the video, (behind the girl with the black braids).
Not great quality video, but it was fun to watch them, I was a proud mama!
By the way, Revolution is a Christian based song complete with scripture quoted at the beginning...performed in public in a packed out Hockey stadium...How Cool is that?!?!?


Amy said...

My kids would love this!! How exciting for you guys!
Great job!!

Jen said...

I can let you know when they start back up in the fall. Hannah will be old enough for dance and voice if you are interested. Everything is on one night, which is great for us, because all three of the younger kids are involved in 2 different sets of lessons, but it's one location one night, which night for us!

Maureen said...

How cool for them to be asked to entertain the crowd. Awsome Job!

Shaun and Holly said...

Fantasitc!!!! They did an amazing job! The pics are great too.


Tamatha said...

ok.....I would like details of when they start up...I know a little girl that may be interested!:o)