Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Live at the Empire!

Recently, we had the privilege of watching some AWESOME kids perform Live at the Empire Theatre. 

They were energetic, talented and truly an example of what God is able to accomplish through our kids. These are kids from the community from all walks of life, (many with no church background at all), coming together through "The School of the Arts", to glorify God in our community.

Already God has opened the doors for these kids to sing and dance the gospel in our local Christmas parade, during intermission at a Bulls Hockey game,  at The Empire Theatre...and because so many kids were from one particular public school, they were invited to perform at the Spring concert, (a song declaring scripture and Jesus as the answer)...IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOL....woo hoo! 
All things are possible!
Oh did I mention Michael, Maria and Jianna were some of the performers?!??!
Also Miss Tirzah, my friend Holly's daughter, ( sang a solo part for one of the songs....beautifully, I might add)!

I am still struggling to make the videos "shareable", but here is the song that tears me up the most every single time I hear it....mind you I blubbered like a baby through most of the concert....just seeing the potential in and through these kids.

(You'll have to excuse the very novice filming...My first born was trying his hand at the video....ummmm, I am thinking he needs more practice!)


Shaun and Holly said...

Awesome kids, hey?!! :)

Maureen said...

Could they be any cuter?
I think not.
What a great song and they did it beautifully.

Tamatha said...

That is SO great!