Sunday, May 31, 2009

Couple & Family Time

We have had such a lovely weekend!
Last week was so busy with work for us both, (the more fun activities the high school plans for the kids....the tougher my job gets), Jonathan had surgery to get all 4 wisdom teeth removed on wednesday, (he was all swollen up and looking like my once little Chippy  again). Then there was all the prep for donations and bake sales for Jianna and Michael's School Fun Fair.
Thursday night we were off to the beloved/hated fun fair...the kids love it, we hate it.
In the end it worked out well for Mark and I, we bid on a number of items at the Fun Fair and won 6 of them!

One of which was $95.00 worth of tickets to an Emmerson Drive Concert that we got for an absolute steal! The only catch was, it was the following night. So, while the kids ate pizza, (also courtesy of the silent Auction), Mark and I got ready for our first of 2 date nights for the weekend.

The concert was terrific and they sang some of my favorite songs like "Moments"...a song about  better days and making positive change in both your own life and others'.
We'd had a date night planned for Sat. night before winning the tickets, and decided not to feel the least bit guilty about indulging in more couple time.
So, last night we headed off to "Linguini's" for fine dining and a very yummy meal, then to Maranatha Church, where My school was putting on a production of "My Town". 
I'd never read this classic, but it really makes you stop and think and it was very enlightening to read the write up from the drama teacher as to why they chose this play.
The story is very much about the everyday goings on of any person in any town, and how we all think we have forever so we tend to forget to slow down and really experience life.

Friday night is generally our family movie night, so we decided to make an investment in to the kids, (since we stole their time as our own), and took them to see "UP"on Sat afternoon, a really great movie in 3D with beautiful colors and a terrific message as well. One of loving life and others deeply, but knowing when it is time to let go and move forward and create new adventures as well.

Today as we were preparing for church, I realized that my youngest son has been very overlooked in the clothing department. The problem is, he hates shopping and has a closet full of clothes from his brother...but has yet to achieve the height necessary to wear them.
As I looked at his only pair of shoes literally falling off his feet,(the fourth pair I have bought him since school started this year), I decided it was time to drag Michael to the Mall.
Our first stop was his beloved A&W for a quick energy boost, then to all his favorite stores.
It cost me 1/2 my paycheck, but I think Mike kind of got into it.  
He proudly helped me pick out 2 pair of jeans, 2 American Eagle T's + an AE Polo.
and a pair of "must have" plaid shorts.
I had to swallow hard as I handed over the money for size 9 1/2 leather Nike Airs, (I had bought decent brands for him in the past, but not all leather and my growing boy is very hard on shoes.  I was determined to find shoes that would last past the summer).
Then Michael spent his allowance on a great necklace from AE. A knotted leather chord with a stone cross on it.

All in all, it was a rejuvenating and restful weekend with Hubby and kiddos...and I am happy to say my beloved Chippy is almost his old self again.
Actually, it is a very good thing that I had such an enjoyable weekend as tomorrow is so-called "National Beach/Skip Day". 
This favorite day of high school students, is dreaded by High School Administrators, and enough to drive Student Monitors to either drink or quit!
I might need some more date nights sooner than later!


Williams Family Blog said...

Glad you had such a great weekend and wonderful time with the hubby. It is already Monday here and we are into the week already.

Say, I might have to borrow some of your "shopping with boys ideas" the next time I have to take Keegan to the Mall. Shopping is not on his list of favourite things to do. Thanks goodness for school uniforms.

Holly said...

What a crazy busy but wonderful weekend you had!!

I had a great week and weekend too...I saw you 2x's in one week!!!!! :)

I totally need to take both or kids to the Mall. They really need shorts. And Tirzah needs a bathing suit.

Glad to hear that Johnnie is starting to come around.


Rhonda said...

Sounds like an absolutely wonderful weekend.

I've heard nothing but good about the movie UP - looking forward to seeing it.

Cheryl said...

Sounds like lots of fun!!!
Matt had his wisdom teeth out just a few weeks ago as well.
don't you love date nights?
Way to go.

Amy said...

Wow! Sounds like fun had by all!!

Tamatha said...

Sounds like a fun time!:o)