Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy Birthday Holly!!!!

Holly is celebrating her birthday today!!!

Happy birthday to a great friend...

Holly and I met over 20 years ago at Circle Square Ranch in Sussex, NB.

She was a camper and I was her councillor....though there isn't THAT much of an age difference between us!

We kept in touch for a couple of years, but as time marched on, our summer camp days ended, as did our contact with one another.

Around 8 years ago, God brought us back together in Belleville, ON.

Married now, with children, we reconnected and have become very close friends and have enjoyed watching each other's children grow and become great friends as well.

Holly is a special lady.

She is SO quick with a word of encouragement.

I consider her my personal intercessor...as soon as Holly knows I am to speak or am being stretched in any way, she is first in line to pray....and support in any way she can.

In a world where women can be so full of jealousy and envy, Holly will go out of her way to make you feel special, beautiful, important...

As My husband and I don't have family nearby, Holly has stepped in to help out, or stay with our children...including during Jianna's birth 5 years ago.

Next week, Holly and her wonderful family will fill in for us again.

They will move into our home for a week, to allow Mark and I a romantic - get - away in West Palm Beach, Florida.

for all that you do, but more importantly, for all that you ARE!!!!

A Godly woman and amazing friend.

Have an Awesome Birthday!!!!!!!


Holly said...

Ahh...thanks! I am blessed with great friends...and a great family too!

I am so looking forward to a special supper at my parents place this evening...lasagna, salad, garlic bread and a surprise dessert that Shaun has made me. He does this every year and I love it! Always something very fancy and usually something chocolate.

Sue said...

Very cool- I will stop over and say Happy Birhtday to her.

Amy said...

I, too, enjoy Holly very much,,,

Everything you said is true...she is a very unique and special friend.

Happy Birthday Holly!!

Love you much.

Williams Family Blog said...


It's true, you are an amazing woman and a great friend.

Hope you had a wonderful dinner with your family last night.


Anonymous said...

Holly is one of a kind. I love her laugh and her tender heart!!

Mmmmmmmmmm I bet the chocolate treat was awesome.

Holly said...

The dessert that my husband made me was sooooooooo awesome. It was made out of layers of meringue, chocolate, and whipped cream. The best he has made yet. I think I may post his recipie on my blog later!!
Thanks for the post Jenny and all the great B-day wishes girls! ;o)

Tammy said...

Happy belated Birthday, Holly. Your's is a day after Todd's, I won't say how old he is.
We had a good time with you both a couple of weeks ago when we had the priviledge of celebrating with Nicole. Your are truly a genuine person. You are to be treasured, and you are; both by your friends and your family. Be blessed!!!

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Holly, it's great having friends to leave your children with and have no fear. What a blessing it is.
Have an awesome second honeymoon!!!!!!!!!!

Shari said...

We love you Holly - Happy Birthday.

Holly is a wonderful Godly woman. Loving Holly is very easy indeed!

Shari said...

Belated Happy Birthday Holly.


Rhonda said...

A great and loyal friend is definitely a real treasure. Bless your friendship with Holly. How wonderful of you to celebrate her.

Happy Birthday Holly!