Monday, July 2, 2007

God Declared Alive on Parliament Hill!!!!!!

The following is an email that went out from Faytene Kryskow who is an incredible young woman of God who is getting involved in change for our country. Change that would see righteousness and morality restored to our great land. What I love about Faytene's ministry, is the level of honor and integrity that she brings as a Christian to our Governing leaders. There is HUGE fruit in her ministry already, and this, (I believe), is an example of the effects of praying Canadians. Pray for Faytene and her ministry, pray for our nation and as you read this give Him GLORY!!!!!!

We could not let the day pass without sending you an E-mail to say HAPPY CANADA DAY from the Peace Tower!!! Tamara (one of our Ottawa team) and myself just returned from Parliament Hill where tens of thousands of people gathered to celebrate Canada's 140th birth day as a confederated nation (1867-2007). This was our first Canada Day in Ottawa so we did not quite know what to expect...

... We arrived around 8pm and soon found ourselves listening to a performance by Gregory Charles. He took the entire crowd into a groovy southern gospel rift and began to sing the melody, "God's not dead, He's alive, God's not dead, He's alive...." T amara and I could hardly believe our ears! The entire crowd began to sing. He then began to sing, "God is in the building, the Holy Ghost is moving..."
I find it amazing that exactly 40 yrs since 1967, the year when secular humanism was trumpeted at Expo 67 (i.e. God is dead.), that on our 140th birthday as a confederated nation TENS OF THOUSANDS of Canadians on Parliament Hill were declaring, "God's not dead, He's Alive, God is in the building and the Holy Ghost is moving" right in front of the Peace Tower! After this he lead us in a song, "We got to live together..." an awesome declaration of unity (Jn 17) in Canada. So cool. At the end of it all the crowd roared in what was likely the loudest cheer of the night!!
We would say, this is a great Canada Day.

Mark and I have spent many Canada Days on Parliament Hill, from early morning until the fire works....we have never seen anything even close to this. God is doing it!!!!

My heart is humbled and soaring all at once....

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Tamatha said...

hehe......I saw the video too! Very kewl indeed!:o)