Sunday, July 29, 2007

Birthday Boy!!!!

Jonathan is 15 today!!!!

He had to work this morning, so dad took him for a birthday breakfast at 5:30, so Jonathan could get to work for 6:30....I slept!
Don't worry Jon, I will make lots of food for you and your friends to party with tonight!

We are very proud of this "Gentle Giant". Jonathan was 9 lbs 1 oz at birth. By Christmas, (5 mo. old) we were buying 18 mo. size clothes....and he has kept up the pace ever since!
Today, he stands 6' 5", and has never "spurted" like the other teenage boys....If he does decide to take a growth leap....this mom's shopping expeditions will become very challenging.

I had the privilege of watching Jonathan in action this past week at VBS...we were both leading groups of kids, and 'Chippy' was quite a hit. So much so, that I think working at the golf course this weekend was a break for Jonathan. He did a great job, and kept a smile even when he'd had enough of the little folks.

Today, we celebrate all that God has created in Jonathan. His love for life, laughter and Jesus. His sense of humor, his maturity and respect for others. His leadership gifts, his ability to honor us as parents as well as the others that God has placed as leaders, bosses and teachers in his life.
The example he is to his younger siblings and his peers.
His confidence in who God has made him to be....not really sure where he gets all that confidence, I wish I'd had half of what he has at his age!
Even his love for the 'Leafs', basketball, football, Mega Man, Indianna Jones and Transformers!

Thanks for being all that you are to Glorify God and bring honor to us as your parents. We love you LOADS!

Some of Jonathan's favorite things:


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Rhonda said...

Jonathan is an amazing young man. It has been an honour to watch him grow and mature into such a Godly spirit-filled young man. He has been a very great friend to our son and a pleasure to have in our home. Be very proud of him! Happy Birthday Jonathan!

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday, big boy!!! Hope it was a great day for him. Wait until he is driving!!!

Shari said...

Happy Birthday Chipee!!

You are a young man that we look up many ways.

Tamatha said...

Happy Birthday Mr!:o)