Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How much Growth Can 1 Year Bring?

Now, I have often said my kids grow up too fast. They were all born within a couple ounces on one side or the other of 9lbs. The problem is it's like they are on some kind of Super Growth Hormone ever since. As Jonathan was first nearing the 6' mark, our pastor was concerned about him outgrowing his own ....ahem...."limited" stature. One day he asked him what his mother fed him to make him grow so fast. Jonathan's answer, "ummmm....children's vitamins?"
It would seem my children need more junk food in their diets as they all seem to be shooting up around me....literally.
I have felt like I was shrinking over the past year and now I know why!
Christmas 2009:
Jonathan is our measuring standard as his growth (at 6'6"), has slowed the most, though he felt a full foot taller when I first kissed him after not seeing him for 4 months.
Michael and Maria are almost the same height here....both approx. shoulder height to Jonathan.
June 2010:
Michael has shot up a full head, leaving Maria behind but wait! Jianna has almost caught up to Maria in the past 6 months!.
Christmas 2010:
Maria went in to over drive and is now catching up to Michael...and they have both almost passed me, (actually, if I didn't have to lift my head to see over Jianna, you'd see that Michael has slightly passed me). Speaking of Jianna, she was at Jon's belly button a mere year ago!!! At this rate, the next time we take a family picture...with the shortest in the front...it will be this 5'9" Mommy who is front and centre!
Does anybody else find this rate of growth mildly alarming?!?!?!?

Eat more Junk Kids...Your Mama's heart can't keep up to you all!


Shaun and Holly said...

They sure have grown!

Love to you all and a very happy new year in 2011!

Friends forever <3

Williams Family Blog said...

Oh my goodness Jen, you have a family of basketball players for sure. The good thing is that it seems that Jonathan is slowing down??

The Hippie Moose said...

Holy Crap! I suddenly feel like I should be applying for a walker.