Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cookie Monster(s) Live!!!!

Isn't this the greatest little basket?
This morning, this adorable little basket was filled with Chocolate Chip Cookies.
I knew I should have taken a picture....if you look closely, you will see the grease evidence on the red napkin. There were a minimum of 6 dozen cookies in this basket, I kid you not.
It was oh so cute too, the girls and I felt like Little Red Riding Hoods....just wishing we could deliver these to Grandma.

Who does this to a perfectly good cookie!?!?!?
Scavengers I tell you!
Well, since there were no grandmas within delivery range, the girls had friends over to go sledding and Mike had an overnight Gaming Buddy....and this is what is left of my sweet little basket of cookies.
Sorry Nanny.
We were thinking of you.
Now, you all understand why Christmas Baking must be frozen in this house if there is any to be left for Santa on Christmas Eve.
Even still, I am afraid to look in my cookie containers stored away in the freezer....I have noticed a lid or 2 sitting helter skelter on more than one occasion.

Now, these little guys....were made by my ever so artistic daughters yesterday. There is a replica of every family member including Kallie and Tutter, (our pets).
Heaven forbid that anyone dare to touch one of THEIR creations...
and yet..........

WHO ATE MARIA!?!??!?!??!

hmmm.....Jianna appears to be missing a hand as well!
Nothing is sacred in this house I tell you!

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