Friday, February 12, 2010

One Mother's Grace

The line was long but the sun was bright.
As we waited, there was time to visit with others you knew, who were all there to show their love and respect. Small talk, catching up on the details of the lives of others, there were smiles and even laughter. As the line wove inside and up the stairs and the photo tributes were everywhere, you were once again brought back to the reality of why you were there.
Those incredible eyes that amazing was everywhere. She was truly Beautiful, even when she was captured being silly, she was beautiful.
The wait was long and there was an abundance of time to observe, to reflect, to wonder.

It's been an incredibly tough week for our community. A light was lost in the most horrific of ways....every mother's night mare.
The community had been bound together by this one girl and they are mourning together...
There is a heaviness that has settled over our's almost tangible.
People are reacting...sad, angry, fearful and very cranky.

I watched as a colleague, living the all too real nightmare we can only imagine, greeted each visitor with strength, beauty, grace and even a smile.
She was tired and worn, yet
I wondered at her ability to even be standing at a time when I would imagine she would prefer to sleep ...
if only to forget for a while this horror that is her new reality.

Yes, our community is hurting and in grief....but nothing near the depths of devastation of this one mother.
If only more of us could share her grace, dignity, beauty and strength as we process this tragedy and come to terms with the ways that it has changed us and our community.
I believe we could bring a sense of honor to a senseless tragedy if we would choose to follow the example of this one very courageous lady.

Please continue to pray...
this is so much more than a sensational media story for this grieving family.
Their pain will continue long after the cameras have focused their lens else where and the curious have found something new to occupy their curiosity.

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Rhonda said...

Brought tears to my eyes.