Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Jianna!

Today, my littlest baby turns 8...sigh....yup, I still have trouble believing there are no toddlers running around my house. Maybe it's because there were so many for so long or that 8 seems so very grown up...maybe I am having a mini-mid-life-Crisis but let me tell you, if Mark had not visited the surgeon years ago....

OK, back to the Birthday girl.
Miss Jianna got to plan the family dinner tonight and she decided on wings and shrimp...
That's IT!
For her, this would be the ultimate dinner.
We decided on Banana splits since she'd never had one and will have cake at her party on the weekend. So, wings, cold shrimp w/cocktail sauce and banana splits w/homemade strawberry topping, chocolate and caramel.

I did get her to agree to these potatoes with a bit of variation, (she is her mother's daughter after all!)
She does not THINK she likes pepper...(I'll sneak it in, don't tell her), so she wants them with chopped chives, bacon bits, shredded cheese and served up w/sour cream.

Speaking of My littlest munchkin being like her Mama...

This is Jianna's Birthday Plan all organized by category...ahhhh, a child who loves to organize!
I LOVE this kid!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Fahionista who always wishes she were older and that she lived in Paris France..."The fashion capital of the world you know!"

After we do presents, I will have to post a pic of what Maria found for her...perfect and I would never have thought of it!


Holly said...

Happy Birthday to such a wonderful girl (who is sooooooo much like her momma)! I hope you had a wonderful Birthday and have a great time at your Party on the weekend with your friends!
xo Holly and family

Williams Family Blog said...

Happy Birthday Jianna!!!
It does seem like yesterday when you were the cute little blue eyed babe in the picture. Wow, you are growing up fast.
Have fun at your party on Saturday night.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Jianna!!
It's so hard to believe our girls are (almost for me) 8!!!

Have a super great party!

btw--I made those Pioneer potatoes not long ago...yumo!!!

Cheryl said...

Oh my gosh! I so remember her when she was that little. And.... I remember the day she was born. What a privilege it was for me.

Happy Belated Birthday there beauty queen!!

Jen said...


I know, it's hard to believe how fast time can fly!
I was showing her the picture of you and Cindy and I right after she was born...she was kind of proud to have had some extra people there to welcome her.
Thanks for being there then and for many other special occasions over the years...Love you!

Shaun and Holly said...

Well, I wasn't with Jianna when she was born BUT i was with your other 3!!!!! :)

Tamatha said...

Wow! That was fast! 8 already!