Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reasoning with a 7 year Old Party Planner

One of Jianna's teachers will be leaving the school at the end of the week. Jianna really likes this teacher and on the weekend made her a card to say "good bye", (she included a photo of herself because: "I am probably her favorite student mom, because she teaches math and I always get perfect on my math tests"...she has her biggest brother's modesty, I see).

Yesterday, she decided she needed to make the teacher a poster...bright pink bristol board, bubble letters and glitter glue. (Maybe I have had SOME influence on this child after all).

Today, Wednesday...the day her brothers and dad left for a trip to NB until Sunday night. The dad that this "Oh SO VERY independent wife" relies on more than she realizes until he goes away...had to BEG him to fill my rental with gas before he left...not because I CAN'T...but it's one of those things I DON'T do. Kind of like Mark making a cake or a full course just works best this way.

Back to Jianna...on the way home from school she tells me all about the party she and 2 classmates are planning for the teacher for Friday.
THIS Friday.
It would seem the three little party planners organized the class and made sure every possible junk food would be represented.
Jianna signed me up for: a cake..."no milk mom, we have allergies in the class"
2 bags of popcorn
punch..."with Gingerale please"
and fudge

All this to be made ready in less than 2 days, while I am planning my own little party.
When I tried to tell her this was too much, she assured me that everyone was bringing this much.
Now, try telling a 7 year old that it is very possible to have too much junk food at a party.
That everyone would end up sick from the sugar overload.
That none of the moms would be happy about that.
That I simply did not have the time to accommodate her list.
That I was not willing to accommodate her list.

She assured me all I had to do was the cake...she would make the rest...ummm, yeah right!
We settled on my making the cake then I got a call from one of the moms of another one of the over zealous party planners.
Seems there was to be every kind of chip, drink, popcorn and bake good imaginable...a Disco ball and music...multiple posters and get this....
The party would be at 9:00 in the morning!
Can you even imagine trying to keep this class in order and out of the bathroom the rest of the day...let alone teach anything?

Got to love their zeal!
Oh! Last week, the three little party planners were equally ambitious about the new country singing group they were forming, making posters for, planning to have a dad video tape and post on You Tube because they would be famous because people really like country music, and they already had fans, had signed autographs, planned their costumes, picked "Fame names", decided Jianna would write the songs AND come up with a group name and LOGO..."Saddle Style".

I wrote without punctuation or room for a breath because that is how Jianna told it to me on the way home from school last week...I am going to need some strong caffeine to keep up with this one.


Shari said...

I suggest you and Mark start setting aside funds for her wedding.... it's sure to be the event of the century!

Holly said...

OH.MY.LAND... have given birth to yourself!!!!!! hahahahaha....
Jenny, she is so much like YOU! I love it!!

Jen said...


I have absolutely NOOOO idea what you are talking about!!!!LOL!