Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Is This Not the Cutest?

Hubby and I went on a little shopping date on the weekend.
(we needed to exchange something he'd given me)
This was one of the most fun, extravagant, completely unnecessary, Oh-So-Jen items I have seen in a while. Yup! It came home with me!
(with Hubby's coaxing-between the pink heel and the "Sweet and Sassy" imprint on the heel, he was sure it was meant for me)
So, now that Christmas is over and everyone is traditionally cutting out sweets....I am aching to make something equally extravagant that would be worthy of being served by my new "High Heel Cake Server"


Shaun and Holly said...

Hahahahahahahaha!!! That is so YOU!

Glad you had a good time with your hubby. :)

The Hippie Moose said...

that's pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

I love it. Make some cake tonight and cut me a piece.

Shaun and Holly said...

ps. Since you need a reason to use this pretty little thing, how about you invite me over and serve me cake for! :)


Jen said...

If I have to wait for your REAL Birthday...well, I'll just cry!
Now, if you could arrange for Miss Cheryl to be here in person we'd really have reason to celebrate and I would make some multi-layered, totally impressive, off-the-wall-extravagant cake for us to share...well, it might just be time for a tea party girls!
I believe our little Canadian/Aussie friend is back in town...that's reason enough to celebrate don't you think?
We could Web cam it all for Cheryl!

Amy said...

oh now that is cute!

When Mike & I went to the one-of-a-kind show, there was an apron that he BEGGED me to get, but I wouldn't. lol. At the top it said "one hot dish", he thought it was But for $65, I said NO WAY!
Love that cake server...very very cute!

btw-- have you ever seen that stapler in the shape of a high heel? very cute.

Jen said...

Love the sounds of that apron for you Amy, I saw one recently,,,black, pink writing and a couple of rhinestones, said "I cook for Bling"...thinking I should wear that as a not so subtle hint!

I haven't sen the stapler but I have seen the high heel tape dispenser and the purse shaped post it note dispenser ... watching for them to go on sale somewhere!

Shari said...

It does look like a cake server... no toe jam please!