Saturday, July 4, 2009

Leave it to Michael

Thursday night, Michael went with Mark to purchase the long awaited "good grades reward".
(Yes we are more than willing to bribe our kids to get/maintain good grades...and Michael REALLY cashed in this term!)

His friend Joe bought his RipStick the same eve. and the boys have been tearing up the streets ever since.
This eve. they wanted to go to the Skate Park and since 2 older boys were joining them ,we let them go with strict orders to wear their helmets and be back by 8:30..."No Excuses".

Mark and I left shortly afterwards and caught the boys as they scrambled to get their helmets back on. We warned them that Michael would lose the wheels for a week and we would report Joe to his parents if we caught them again.

As it turns out, the boys were 15 minutes late coming back....but had an "Only Michael Excuse".
They had been on their way home and were pulled over by the police ....TWICE!

I hear this much and have visions of the boys riding in the middle of the streets or causing some other disturbance...and am thinking "it took me 40 years to get pulled over and Mike manages it twice before he turns 13!"

As it turns out, the boys were on the right side of the law. The first time, an officer handed both boys coupons for free Blizzards at DQ for wearing their helmets.
Later, another officer stopped to ask them about the boards and and to tell them he was jealous that they were able to ride them.

As Michael rides off to learn more tricks on his new toy...Mark and I are left chuckling and shaking our heads...that's Michael for you.


Maureen said...

That's awsome!
Our Police Service is great.
What positive reinforcement.
Jen maybe we should wear helmets when we drive. I haven't had a blizzard in years but have had many a warning.
Worth a shot hahahaha

Shaun and Holly said...

Bahahahaha!!!!!!! Only Michael!! : )

Amy said...

mmm...Free blizzards!!

And I'm with Mo---Our police officers ROCK!!!!!