Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Have Another Teenager!!!!!!

13 years ago today, my world changed forever...and it truly became a much brighter place.
Right from the start, Michael was unique and very much desired, anticipated and loved. He came after, many disappointing negative pregnancy tests, a LOT of prayers, (including from his big brother Jon who just could not wait to be a big brother) and some visits to the fertility Dr.

He was worth every bit of the wait. 
He was a happy and sensitive baby and toddler who loved everything boyish.
The only sibling rivalry I saw with any of my kids when a new little one came along was with Michael. There was only one thing he was not willing to hand over or share with his baby sister....his first wheels. He would not have anything to do with this new baby having his stroller. The Line in the sand had been drawn.
From strollers to trucks to bikes and now Rip sticks...Michael has always enjoyed his wheels.

Michael always came across quiet and shy to an outsider...even extended family, but he was a little rocker and comedian at home.
He's a super smart kid in more ways than one. His quiet, unassuming ways, (what we now refer to as "stealth mode"), has everyone fooled and Michael has used it to his advantage on more than one occasion.
It took Michael some time to figure out, but God knew just what he needed....a mother who had also learned to "fly under the radar"!
I have told Mark repeatedly since Mike was little, "keep your eye on the quiet ones".

If there is a prank to be pulled, and invention to be made, a stunt to be tried or an adventure to be sought....Michael will be leading the pack.
Thankfully, his sensitivity does kick in and everything is always done in good fun...and very few bruises.

Michael, although you have been cause for much shaking of the head, some worrying  and lots of prayer, you have also been a ray of sunshine in our home and the cause for much laughter. 
 I am so very proud of the young man you are becoming.

You are so very talented and gifted and I love watching you grow, try new things and excel at life in general.
Your friends genuinely love you and love being with you and you are becoming a leader among your peers and within your school. You respect authority without taking life too seriously...a lesson many of us could have used at such a young age.
Keep being who you are and having fun while you pursue your passions....but always remember:
"Mom is going to find out"!!!

I Love you so much Big Guy and am so very proud of you.
Have an awesome 13th Birthday!!!


Holly said...

Happy Birthday dear Michael!!!! You are sure loved by this family! :)

H, S, J and T!

Amy said...

WOW!! 13?? I still remember the little naked guy running around your house..hmmm.

I have a quiet boy as well...always scheming and making 'plans' but so very truthful and remorseful.

Gotta love the quiet ones!

Happy Birthday Michael!!

The Hippie Moose said...

Far Out!! time certainly flies! We just saw Jon at Starbucks on Sunday and I think I did damage to my neck trying to make eye contact!

Maureen said...

Happy Belated Birthday Michael
Sorry I fried my computer and just finished putting in a new hard drive tonight.