Friday, July 3, 2009

Holly's Having A Birthday!

You are one of those rare and special people who is always thinking of others, 
always believing for and praying for the best for your friends.
You are sensitive to other's needs and often put yourself and your own desires aside for another.
You delight in the everyday and you teach the rest of us to pause and take notice and even to see the beauty in the everyday as well.

Your ability to create and capture beauty in a garden, a photo, on canvas, with fabric....the whole world is you medium and your creativity is limitless.
You have taught me to strive less for perfection and more for beauty...even if it is in it's simplest form.

Your love and devotion for your family and your passion toward God and righteousness is a lesson to us all.
You recently commented to me that it was nice to be able to celebrate  each other's differences and you really do. 
You don't require me to be like you or to enjoy all that you enjoy...though knowing you has broadened my vision is so many ways.
We meet on our common ground....and it is safe, rich and rewarding to be in a friendship with you.

Thank you for your friendship, for being exactly who God created you to be and for the blessing you are to those who have the privilege of knowing you.

Love and Abundant Blessings to You on Your Special Day My Friend!!!


Shaun and Holly said...

Your kind words are precious to me and I hold them closely to my heart. THANK YOU! I feel rich to have a friendship with you!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Holly!!

Maureen said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!
I hope your day was filled with many blessings

Shaun and Holly said...

Thank you Ladies! It was a good day. :)