Monday, May 12, 2008

A Truly Wonderful Mother's Day!

My Mother's Day actually started on Sat. as the girls, Mark and I went to the paint store to pick out a new color for my kitchen.
I ended up in bed loaded up on Benadryl...(seems I am highly allergic to Spring Cleaning, well at least the dust in my curtains and the grasses being mowed as I am cleaning my windows).
While I slept, Mark taped up the kitchen and he and the girls painted for me...I did crawl out of bed to assist the girls in where and how to paint. I had chosen a Terra Cotta color and it looks BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE my kitchen, and it feels so good to have jobs like that done and turn out so well.

Sunday morning, as I awoke, I thanked God for the years that I was blessed to have my mom here on earth with me. I asked Him to give her a kiss and tell her "Happy Mother's Day" for me. It was wonderful to be able to remember mom with only a passing bit of sadness, but instead to be truly thankful for all that I am blessed with.
Jonathan had to work, so everybody else took me to Red Rock Canyon for a lovely brunch, then we picked up our puppy and headed over to the county...Bloomfield actually. It was perfect weather for browsing shops and enjoying my family. We stopped for homemade ice-cream before it was time to head back to Belleville for my date with Jonathan.

Jonathan met me in the parking lot at the golf course and drove me to the driving range. Very surreal to be in the passenger seat of ANY vehicle while my son was at the wheel....I guess it was another baby step for me as My eldest turns 16 this summer.
Jonathan treated me to a bucket of balls and taught me to hit a golf ball. We were both pleased and surprised by my abilities....I would have been happy to just not look like and idiot out there, but it turns out I could actually hit the ball quite straight and after a while even got some decent distance. Jonathan looked at me at one point and said, "Mom, you may have found your sport". I think I will be taking some lessons this summer, and enjoy the world of golf that my son and hubby love. I may have to find some like minded girlfriends as I have been told that men like to golf as something to do with the guys...but I imagine I could convince my hubby to take me once and a while.

After my golf lesson, Jonathan took me to Sweet Escapes, a wonderful little cafe that Holly has mentioned in the past. We LOVED it there! I was treated to White Rose tea, (a perfect Mother's Day tea, as it smells just like a dozen roses, but has a wonderful mild tea taste), we shared a very yummy dessert. We were both VERY impressed and since Starbucks has become my hubby's "board room", I think I will steal him away to Sweet Escapes when we want to have "US" time.

All in All, I believe this may have been my favorite Mother's Day to date.
Thank You Father for the beautiful day and the beautiful family that you have blessed me with.


Rhonda said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate!!

We went to the same restaurant. I was surprised how many other people I saw there that I knew. Food was very yummy!

Happy Mothers Day Jen!

Amy said...

Wow...sounds great!!

With Mike leading worship...mine wasn't so grand, lol. But I DID get breakfast (Mcydees--my fav) in bed this morning (and he was working to boot!!)

Shaun and Holly said...

Happy Mothers day to you, Jenny!!!

Mona said...

Jen what an amazing mothers day.
I too awoke with blessings and praise for giving me such a wonderful mother. Yes it's hard and I do miss mom but I take comfort in knowing that she is home singing her heart out with the angels.

Roxanne said...

Sounds like you had a great day with family.
I'd like to try my hand at golf. Any pointers?

Cheryl said...

Wow Sounds wonderful!!! Definitely a memory maker.