Monday, May 26, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys

Don't let the quiet, serious seeming exterior fool you. This is the face of a prankster, and when he is not pulling pranks, he is brain storming with friends to come up with some late great thrill seeking invention.

We had a visit from Tom tonight. Tom is the Father of 2 of Michael's friends,(fellow schemers).
It seems our three boys had an old bike that they had taken the tires off of and had duct taped all of the sharp edges. Phase 1 of the plan...done in their garage. 

Thankfully, Tom got wind of phase 2 and was over to warn all three boys to scrap the plan.
Phase 2 was to use this duct taped-death-trap as a new thrill seeking ride on our trampoline!
I am imagining broken bones and broken trampoline all around...I am thankful for extra eyes and angels of protection when it comes to these boys!!!!!


Shaun and Holly said...

That is funny!!! Micheal makes me laugh...when it's just too quiet, ask yourself...what is he up too?!!!

Roxanne said...

Red Green may wanna have this idea.

Shari said...

Boys does this ever sound familiar.

One spring my Dad went to start his rototiller to discover it had no motor. My younger brother had taken the motor out and put it in his dune buggy!!

Jen, keep it mind - at least they're not chasing after girls... (yet or are they?!)

Mona said...

He is soo quiet at JH.
Should I be worried?

Williams Family Blog said...

LOL. Michael reminds me of my brother and all the trouble he used to get into around the farm.

Perhaps a trip to Canada's Wonderland this summer for your thrill seeker?

Jen said...


All I ever hear about Michael is how nice and how quiet he is....and he is, BUT when you get to know him, he is constantly trying to get a laugh or push a sister's buttons...make that a parent's too.
He loves to have fun and has come up with very imaginative ways to do that...though I will say, in the year that Tom and Jolie moved in to the neighborhood...he has had some very elaborate ideas (three heads are better than 1!)....he does keep us laughing...and shaking our heads!!!!

Jen said...

Shari, he doesn't actually Chase them, but more and more I see him taking advantage of the fact that his 2 sisters enjoy a number of girls his age, and they ALL seem to play together much more often....then there is Jr. high, where at least three different girls hug him whenever they see him...again, watch the quiet ones!

I think Michael could be hired by Canada's Wonderland to create thrill rides!

Amy said...

Oh the quiet ones....(I was once one of them!!!!)

Deborah said...

This is so funny, How you doing my precious friend, I am really freezing today, but guess it would be short weather for you, lol. Love always me

Rhonda said...

Extra eyes and angels are a good thing! Don't you love it when parents can 'parent' all together. Our kids need all of the protection they can get.