Friday, May 30, 2008

I am the "Not so Independent Woman"

As a woman and a person, I have considered myself quite strong and fairly independent...except when it comes to gassing up the car and other "icky jobs".
Not that I have ever thought of myself as an island or anything, but yesterday I was sorely reminded of just how much I NEED my husband.
Mark and Rhonda's Mark left Sunday to take Sarah to Oklahoma...Long story and many border delays later, but originally as this trip was planned, My Jonathan was to be away at a leadership camp with school....this was perfect as he is my only teenager and as those of you who have or have had teens know...he would require the most extra rescheduling. (those not there yet, take my word for it..."let them be little")

Because of the delays, Mark left, the day Jonathan was coming home...Wednesday went well, some extra driving, but Jon didn't have to work, so we did quite well. I think I got lulled in to thinking I could really DO this.
Wednesday night, I realized (at 11:00) that I had a chiro. appt at the same time I was to be at Literacy at Jianna and Michael's school. I cancelled the appt. And sorted out how I could finish work, do literacy, pick up Jonathan and get him to work, pick up Jianna and Michael from their school and get papers and homework done before "Fun Fair"...(the great "oxymoron")..Oh that was my second Fun Fair this year...both without Mark.

Things got hectic, but step by step I was making it with only a few least that's what I THOUGHT!

I was done Literacy at 3:00 and the bell rings at 3:15...I had Jonathan stay at school and do homework as he was done at 2:30. I pulled Michael and Jianna out early so we could get Michael's papers done before the Fun Fair.
Jon has called twice to see if I was coming....another teen revolves around them...(and he's a GOOD teen!).
I assure him I am pulling out of the parking lot at 3:15 and am coming straight there.
As I come to the intersection where I would turn home, I remember.....(those who know us, what's been missing in this post? Or should I say WHO????)
It is now 3:20 and Maria is usually home from her bus at 2:55!!!!!
I had totally forgotten my first born daughter for a full 25 minutes!!!

YEP!!! Mother of the year award goes to JEN....NOT!!!!
There she was, on the front step...simply waiting, extremely unfazed....though she really needed to go potty.
I guess there is an advantage to raising very independent children...not too much overwhelms them....of course this independence might be a contributor to being able to actually FORGET one of the miracles I gave life to!

I have come to realize that as strong and independent as I may THINK I am....It's all a farce!
Parenting 4 kids takes 2!!!

Thankfully, it's the weekend, everyone survived...and without nightmares, and Mark should be home in about 1/2 an hour!!!!!


Shaun and Holly said...

You are funny! I am glad that your husband is back now and you can go back to "sharing" life!! ;o)

Amy said...

Being a single parent is very hard work!!! Even though I do not have as many driving responsibilities, I still find it very time consuming being alone. (which, unfortunately is quite often). As I long for the day they can all dress themselves,I do realize that life gets you in "other ways"
I'm learning quickly though about doing things by myself, and hopefully in 10 years it won't phase me....time will tell.

Good job Jen!!
Now to get that boy of yours a car!

Williams Family Blog said...

I love your little stories! I too can attest that life is certainly a lot easier when both of us our home.

Welcome home Mark!

Cheryl said...

Don't worry... you're still a good mom...
Listen, we once left Matt at church and didn't realize til we both got home in our separate cars.... only 25 minutes away from the church.
Thankfully someone felt pity the neglected pastors kid....

I too am extremely grateful for my husband. Even though I could do some things for myself, I tell my husband... I can't .... a princess just can't do that... he chuckles and says... OK princess... I'll do it for you..... you are spoiled....
YUP I am... we all are.

Roxanne said...

I was laughing as I read this one!