Wednesday, September 5, 2007

On the UP SIDE.....

So, Being the natural optimist that I am prone to be, I have come up with some very positive things that are due to this football injury.
My Disclaimer is that I in no way would wish this on my child, but hey! There has to be a silver lining right!?!?!
OK, so the dust has settled I did manage about 5 1/2 hrs sleep last night and here is the verdict on Jonathan's social life.
Job.....basically over for the year.
Upside....the lap top he was saving for has recently been ordered and Jonathan's last paycheck will cover that!
School...he can't take notes right now, BUT the teachers will provide him with notes....AND that means they will be complete and far neater than if done by Jonathan's hand!
Music.....teacher figures he will be able to adjust...eventually.
Football.....the culprit of this injury....Go Figure! He made the first cuts in spite of his injury and his coach said that he will make the final cuts as well...I guess they are hoping for a speedy recovery and some help in the games a little later.
So, Jonathan is getting to know the whole school one enquiry at a time and I doubt he is minding any of it....especially any pity that might be earned from the female persuasion!
For me, the MAJOR UPSIDE to all of this is one bottom line......
My "running around schedule" for Jonathan has decreased SIGNIFICANTLY...
AND.......I now have a babysitter reinstated at my beck and call VS me being at HIS beck and call!!!!
See! God really does turn what the enemy intended for evil
and works it together for MY good!!!!!


Holly said... are funny! I like ya!

Amy said...

oh....5 1/2 hours of sleep..that sounds good!! HA!HA! j/k...nice to see the positive side of things! Here's hoping Jonathan sees them too!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like one busy life!!

Rhonda said...

You are very cute!!!

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

The glass IS always half full isn't it?!!


Shari said...

Hum sounds like we should be doing coffee or hot tubing or perhaps even walking...let's make an appointment. Great to know that Jonathan has gone to such great length to serve his Mom and be "available"!