Thursday, August 16, 2007

This is where I will be on Saturday.
The Embassy in Oshawa puts this amazing carnival on for their community.
Imagine a local Fair, multiply the fun, add in hair cuts, blood pressure clinics, grocery give aways, clothes lining the corridors, toys...ALL FOR FREE!!!!
These guys are on to something, it is sooo amazing!
On top of everything, there will be tents set up for "Destiny Words", Prayer...and the one I am in charge of...Dream interpretations.
I am refusing to get overwhelmed with the task of not only interpreting the dreams ...but training my team in the process....AND my good buddy Scott, has Hockey I am on my own, (in the physical sense...only!)
So, I am once again asking for prayer support from my blogging friends....I SO can not do this without God, BUT WITH HIM....Piece of Cake!!!!
I have to keep telling myself that!
"...I will choose to listen and believe, the voice of truth!!!!"

By the way, any of you local ON folks...(or any others that want to fly in for this event : ), are more than welcome to join me! I make an early start to arrive in Oshawa for prayer at 8:30...but I would love some company!!!!
Everyone else...I so covet your prayers. Divine appointments, wisdom and revelation are at the top of my request list.
Thank you all, and I will give incredible testimony when I get back...last year was amazing!!!


Holly said...

Can't wait to hear the GREAT report. 'Cause our God is a GREAT GOD!!!!!

Rhonda said...

I haven't blogged in FOREVER. I pray that your day went very well and that your drive home is smooth.