Friday, June 29, 2007

Watch the Quiet Ones....

I drove into my driveway after having dropped a daughter off at a friend's for a swim.

I'd been gone about 20 minutes and left Dad in our house, that can get interesting.

I watched as three 11 year old boys struggled to climb our fence.
My eyes widened as I observed them climbing on to our shed roof.
I thought they were spying on the neighborhood children.
I didn't know whether to laugh or be the "stern mama", as I realized their true plan.

Michael and his friends had pulled the trampoline close to the shed and were climbing up on the roof of it in order to jump off on to the trampoline!

I asked them what they were doing, they stated the obvious, I warned them they were not allowed to break any bones as it was only the last day of school....vacation really doesn't begin until tomorrow.

Shaking my head, I had visions of Mark pulling a similar stunt as a boy....Oh! I forgot, he wasn't quite as tame, he lit a Roman Candle in a friend's bedroom....balls of fire shooting everywhere.

I went inside to see if the man I'd left in charge had any idea what they were up to....he did not, and held his laughter as long as he could while he reprimanded the boys and put an end to their fun.

Inside, we laughed, I blamed our son's antics on my husband's reaping of his childhood sowing.

Then I remembered fondly, climbing up on the roof of our shed with my brother and sister. we didn't have a trampoline, but we had incredibly high snow drifts to soften our landing....

I guess Michael comes by it all so naturally....what kind of summer am I in for?


Holly said...

Funny Jenny! Michael has always reminded me of your brother Scott...he was always ready for an adventure and such a tease. Then again, I didn't know Mark back then...sounds like he was much the same! I smiled when I read about the snow drifts too. I have memories of PEI winters. One time the snow drift was so high I was able to climb on top of it and dig a hole in it, then hide in it, while my dad attemped to shovel the driveway. ;o)
I know you will have a wonderful summer with the kid's! Bless you all.

Shari said...

When we first moved to this area Ryan went to hang out with Greg for a Sunday afternoon. That evening at church the story was told of how Ryan and Greg spent the afternoon on top of the garage roof while the parents were napping...they thought the boys were inside playing quietly. At the time Ryan wasn't yet 5 years old. Somehow boys do all these crazy things and it's just cool while us Moms have heart failure over it all!

Deborah said...

Fun and boys go hand in hand, we always say if there is no blood and bones sticking out enjoy, but with boys I am not so sure. love always me

Sue said...

Don't you just love little boys!!!

I can just see the look in their eyes as they scrambled to get away!