Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Rewriting Father's Day...

As Mother's Day was approaching, God already had so many things deposited in my heart to share, to Honor women and Mothers.

Now as Father's Day approaches, I have searched my heart and not found the same deposits to expound upon and share. This morning, I hear a gentle whisper that says,

"Dig a little Deeper...."

Father's Day has for many years not been an easy celebration for me.

I have had to make choices to honor. I have at times, had to honor if for no other reason, because positionally Fathers are in a place of honor.

God has taught me to look for the "Pearl of Great Price".

It is always there, sometimes we are just not willing to dig deep enough.

In more recent years, Father's Day has held some very traumatic events for my family.

June 17'th...Father's Day, six years ago, being the most significant.

A terrible car accident, with my children...of all places, on the way to church.

Although most of you are very familiar with that event, I will rewrite the story as a post in the near future....God was so good!

Father's Day 2007 is the first time that it has been June 17'th again....it has caused me to think.

Two years ago, on Father's Day, my dog-Jake- died. This would have been difficult in it's own right, but more so, as this was my mother's baby. After she died, and my Father was moving away, I took Jake in as our family pet...he was a little piece of mom.

To lose him on that particular day was very hard.

I had to keep my heart from vowing against Father's Day that year.

So, though I don't feel that I have a lot to say on the subject...I want to write some posts to bring HONOR to Fathers, to men, to Father's Day...and most importantly to my Heavenly Father.

I am "rewriting" Father's Day for myself this year....and as I contemplate this prospect, I hear another gentle whisper:

"Jen, it will bring great honor to me on Father's Day, as you honor all that I love about and in Fathers...in this gift to me, there is a great gift for you."


Holly said...

I love that you listen to His gentle wispers. You are a good listener.

Amy said...

I have some good memories of Jake... He was such a fun dog..
Looking forward to reading some fathers posts...!

Tamatha said...

kewl.....I look forward to reading your posts. For the majority of my life.....Father's day didn't exist....because I didn't have a father...so it is an easy day for me to forget.