Friday, November 25, 2011

Conquering Christmas Shopping

As the first Christmas decorations began to grace the retail world, I knew I was going to be challenged this year. 
Working 8 hours more a week than last year at this time may not seem like a leap of extraordinary proportions but let me assure you as a professional mother of 4; every single hour becomes pivotal in the battle between staying on top of it all and life getting carried away.

Although, I rarely decorate before Maria's birthday, last weekend, amidst her birthday preparation, I realized I had a brief window of opportunity to gather the Christmas decorating troops. With three teens and a wanna be teen all running in different directions on any given day, I  was not about to let my opportunity flit away from me.

As I surveyed our handiwork and smiled over the laughs we had while completing our personal masterpiece, hope began to rise in me. Hope that this Christmas would not in any way feel the sacrifice of  my taking on more of the world beyond my own roof and walls.

As much as I enjoyed the homey ambiance, one challenge became increasingly ominous as I enjoyed my Norman Rockwell worthy Christmas tree each evening. 
The sight of her barrenness beneath her pine cone and snow laden boughs, caused a slight panic at the realization that scarcely a single gift had been purchased to date.

It really is amazing how one incredible sale and one panic stricken mother can combine forces to conquer that ever present taunting voice that whispers of unpreparedness.

Armed with a mission, a strategy, a debit card and a single lunch hour, I made my way uptown.
The strategy was simple.
Since the line up to the checkout of the targeted retail outlet began at the door, I parked the father of my children in the line up. 
Equipped with his iphone, he worked on deals from the office as he progressed through the line. All the while I scurried around the store finding my own incredible deals.

The result, a trunk full of gifts giving proof that the determination of a Mother can conquer even the most annoying of whining, taunting voices!

With some ingredients purchased to begin the baking of the Christmas favorites, I am starting to wonder what all the fuss and worry was about. 
I still have a whole month until Christmas Day!

No matter how crazy this Holiday season finds you, try to take time to really enjoy the reason for all the fuss in the first place.

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