Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Love this Kid!

This weekend I have been on Chauffeur Duty.

(That in itself is a whole other blog post...
One I am fighting with myself daily NOT to write.
I think I will give you a hint though...
'cause hints are not the same as telling
and no one will bother to click the link to find out what I am babbling about anyway....)

Now, if you know me, you know I really am not a morning person.
I am on the other hand, a mom of a working teen.
A working teen without a vehicle, in fact, as a family of 6 we function with 1 vehicle.
Why spend money on a second one when we all live, work and play within a fairly small radius?
So I can have my own cute little sporty car! That's why!
(that is always my answer...but not yet)

So, My Jonny had to be to work yesterday and today for 6:30 a.m which meant I had to be up at 5:45...A.M!
The bonus yesterday, was I picked up a tea after dropping my son off, went down by the Bay in the middle of the rain, thunder and lightening and got to experience the awesomeness of God's majesty.

I went to bed early to prepare for my second unearthly morning drop off but when the alarm went...I simply could not do it. I sent Jon with the vehicle and went back to sleep...and did I ever sleep.
When I did wake up, there was a note on my floor that had been pushed under my door.

It was a mystery to me as to who could possibly have written that note. I mean, it's not signed and I am referred to as "Jen"...must have been Mark.
I also loved the part about not waking up until I was told....ummmm, too late.
Ah, a clue! I do have a child who refers to "getting up" as "Waking Up"...I wonder if that is who it could be?
The mystery was soon solved as I was presented with Fluffy scrambled eggs with Cheddar grated on top and a steaming cup of Red Rose.

As I thanked my youngest child and told her she was the best little girl in the whole world, she responded with....
"I know"

Oh we go again! Look out Jonathan/"Sheldon"...(Big Bang reference), there's another one coming up on your heels!


Rhonda said...

That is so very sweet. What a wonderfully thoughtful and loving little girl.

Shaun and Holly said...


Anonymous said...

Great story. Well written!