Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Angel Girl

My first little princess came into our world 11 years ago today...She was born in the Napanee Hospital at 4:35 PM and was heading through the Tim Hortons drive through with daddy, (and Mommy) at 7:30 that same eve. Daddy's always been very proud of that, sure he would have a coffee drinker in the making if he introduced her so young.(maybe if it had been a Starbucks coffee whose aroma first passed her wee senses...)

I am proud to say, Maria is her mommy's girl. Won't touch coffee, loves painting her nails, baking, reading, has been introduced to and fallen in love with my Kindred Spirit, Anne of Green Gables over the past week, senses a baby from across a crowded mall and will turn into an owl in order to crane her neck to see it. 
Speaking of malls, my girl LOVE, LOVES, LOVES to and clothes are her favorites but accessories and girly girl items are loads of fun too.

Oh! and after a few years of doing her best to deny it, her innate and genetically inherited adoration of PINK is finding it's rightful place in her life...ahhh, could I be more proud?!?!?!

I figured 11 was a great age to indulge her in her love for shopping, and her cake is a shopping bag from her favorite store, with Maria's choice of colors and her beloved polka dots. 
On the board it says, "Maria was Born to Shop".
So with gift cards in hand, Maria and her mommy, (and our other little shopping protege, Jianna), will be found, bargain hunting and oohing and ahhing over all of the things she loves at the mall this weekend...and if it is to be a very good day, there will be babies to coo over at every turn.

Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Angel Girl...I love you so very much and love spending time with you doing the things we both love so much...maybe we'll even have a tea or hot chocolate at Starbucks...but most certainly not a drop of coffee shall pass by either of our lips!


Maureen said...

Happy Birthday Maria!
Have a great day shopping with your mom and sister.
Jen Maria's smile is so contagious and I am enjoying getting to know her at Junior High

Holly said...

A very happy Birthday Maria!! You look so happy on your special day! I hope you had fun shopping too!

Holly and the rest of the F's

Tamatha said...

:o) Have fun shopping!!!:o) Let me know if you need another person around to ooohhh and aaahhhh!:o)lol

Shari said...

I remember Maria as a baby. If I recall correctly She put a twinkle in your Mom's eye!!
Happy Birthday Princess!

Shaun and Holly said...

50% off lots of things at your favorite store Maria!!

redeemed diva said...

Did you make that cake? Insane! if you did! love it

Williams Family Blog said...

Maria, Happy belated birthday! I don't think I have been in your favourite store yet. You are going to have to fill me in on the best places to shop as I have two young girls that are going to need some new school clothes in January.

Jen, I have not been getting the blog updates to my sidebar either. Not sure what is causing the problem? I may need to ask Cliff for any suggestions.

Rhonda said...

So sweet!!! Love the cake and the whole theme.

She's growing up so much and becoming such a fine young lady.

You should be so very proud.