Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gifts with Subliminal Messages?

Is it my imagination or is my hubby trying to tell me something?
Do you remember the book Mark surprised me with not long ago..."Rebel Women of the East Coast"?
I really tried to believe he meant that in the very best light....

On Friday, I received my back-ordered birthday gift from hubby.
A beautiful camera with an extra telescopic lens, gorgeous carrying case etc...way beyond my capabilities I might add...(ummmm... HELP!!!)

So tonight I thought I would try a few of the buttons out and see if I could figure anything the way, LOVE the telescopic lens!

Low and behold, I catch the NAME of the camera..."REBEL"..HHHmmmfff!!!
What IS he trying to tell me?!??!


Shaun and Holly said...

I knew that you were getting this gift (M. told S. about it)!!! I am so happy that you got it BEFORE Christmas!!! Now I am expecting to see some lovely pics of your special eve, decorating the tree!

Have fun!

Holly said...

Ps. I think this "rebel" thing is just a coincidence!!!! lol

Williams Family Blog said...

I love your hubbys sense of humor!
Hmmm...I would also love to sneak a peak at that book.

Amy said... do I get on the birthday list?? I have that same camera (& saved a whole year for it!!)
You will have so much fun with it-- I LOVEEEEE mine.


The Hippie Moose said...

That's the camera we have too! If I can use it... anybody can use it.

Rhonda said...

WOW!!! Congratulations. I'm so happy for you.