Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When You Know You Don't Deserve it:

It had been one of those days. You know the kind...the ones that leave you feeling like you just can't do it all, after all. Work had been long, tiring, and trying. I'd felt behind the eight ball most of the day, so I ate at my desk and worked thorough my breaks...never a very good plan.
I was glad to finally put the work day aside and retreat to my haven of a home for a little reprieve before the troops arrived with their mountains of homework to supervise, dinner to make, know, the mom stuff.
This year, I am the first one out of the house in the morning so I am never quite sure what might face me as I walk through the front door. This day, the sink was FULL of dirty dishes, the dishwasher needed unloading, there were lunch-making-crumbs scattered over all of my counter tops...

But the last straw was my eldest daughter's PJ's. 
Not on the floor or the couch where I often find them, no, they were on my kitchen counter! Why? Is there ever a good reason to leave you PJs on the kitchen counter...especially when your bedroom is DOWNSTAIRS.
She wasn't there, but my hubby was.
 Yup, my frustration all came out in one sentence..."I CAN'T DO IT ALL!!!"
I really needed to sit down and veg, or better yet pray, but I couldn't stand the mess and got to work, threatening to let everyone fend for themselves for supper.

Hubby went back to work and my kitchen and my emotions were all tidied nicely before my kiddies came through the door. We got through homework and I even got to relax while the girls peeled potatoes for supper.

I was in a much better frame of mind when Mark arrived announcing he had a surprise and I had to close my eyes....

He'd had the florist put together a beautiful bouquet of deep red roses and perfect white lilies and if that were not enough, he bought this huge candle arrangement that he knew would remind me of my beloved ocean...(so glad I'd made a supper they all loved!)

When Maria asked what the occasion was, I explained that sometimes your hubby will bring you gifts because you got cranky with him.
Her response...."SWEET!!!"
OK, so maybe that wasn't a "mother/wife of the year" life lesson to give to my little girl...I'll have to work on that.
I do have a feeling she will need a husband as understanding as her mother's though.


Amy said...

haha! A day in the life of Amy I see...lessons I am teaching my girls as well. Thankfully we have husbands that love us all the same!!
I'm thinking of being cranky tomoro--I need some flowers for the table! lol.

Holly said...

I am sorry that you had a rough day! It sure did end well though! :)

Good job, Mr P!!!

Mark said...

Love you babe ... you deserve that and more!!

SHARI said...

I always knew that Mark was a smart man!!