Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sick Day

I am not sure at what point it happened, but somewhere in the past week, I went from fighting seasonal allergies to fighting a bad cold. It was a PA Day yesterday, which would have been a perfect opportunity to call in sick and rest up, but there was a staff meeting planned and some of the topics covered concerned my position.

When my boss heard the bug in my voice she apologized for giving it to me as she had been sick earlier in the week while we were meeting over attend. issues. I assured her I was well drugged and would be OK. Half way through the meeting, I was getting very stuffy and couldn't figure it out, I'd taken some pretty good stuff. At the break, I reached in  my pocket and found the 2 capsules I'd thought I'd taken that morning....I guess technically I'd "taken" them but in my fog, I missed out on the actual ingestion of them. 
(It has nothing to do with being blond either...I can see the smirks you know!)

I discovered something about us females today.
We are caretakers by nature.
Both Maria and I were quite miserable by this morning, which pretty much went unnoticed by the males in our home, but not Jianna
Since supper time last night, she has been trying to get me to eat salad..."but it's healthy mom".
Soup, Ok, but how many of you out there, really feel like sitting down to a nice crunchy salad when you feel ill?
When I refused a salad for breakfast, she peeled me an orange and fed it to me segment by segment, (popping a few in her own mouth as she did). "It will give you vitamin C " she declared.

Then she decided she needed to make pancakes and asked me would I like some and would I like them with or without blueberries?
It's a pretty big job for a 7 year old to make pancakes and she always had Maria's help in the past, so I said which ever was easier for her. She thought for a minute, "are blueberries healthy?"
"yes they are"I said.
"I'll make them with blueberries".
She stuffed as many blueberries as she could get into each of my pancakes and was very proud of herself for doing so.
Along with drinks and my iron pills, she brought me an apple...
I don't know who ever told her that old saying, "feed a cold, starve a flu", but boy was she going to feed this thing right out of me!

When I said I couldn't eat the apple right now, she left my room.
Upon her return, she handed me the  following schedule she'd written down:

12:30-1:00 read
1:00-2:00 sleep
2:00-2:05 apple
2:05-2:45 play game

Now, Jianna had not counted on the fact that Maria would fall asleep beside me and with the terrible gurgling in her chest, there was little opportunity to fall asleep; but just as I was starting to dose off ... In pops my little nurse, (at 1:59 to be exact), "time for your apple!"

The fact that Jianna had written the schedule down, pretty much set it in  stone in her mind and I knew I would never have the strength to get well at all if I expended what would be necessary to convince her otherwise.

Funny, how she was totally fine with the game taking much longer than the allotted time though...mind you, she certainly took note of it.

Thank Heaven for Little Girls...because the boys would let you starve to death on your sick bed!

PS: It seems my Little Nurse is not yet off duty, it's 7:19 and I was heading for a shower, when Jianna asked me had I taken my iron pill with supper. I had to confess, I'd forgotten. You should have seen the appalled look on her face, like I'd just undone all her hard work in one foul sweep!
Maybe, the little nurse should have added it to my schedule!


Shaun and Holly said...

This was the best post ever!! I read it aloud to Shaun and we both chuckled our way through it!!!
Jenny, I am so sorry you are sick!! Rest well my friend and when you are better, we need to go out for a "Girl Date"!

Maureen said...

It's 10:47pm and I feel your misery.
Kleenex in one hand and a dose of neocitron in the other.
A toast to feeling better soon.
I hate having colds

Amy said...

How great!(Jianna)
Hope you feel better soon!