Thursday, June 25, 2009

Visions of Moldy Food Now Dance Through My Head

Although this was not a picture from my school, it is a close representation of what I discovered in many lockers over the past two days.
I got the distinct (and by 'distinct', I mean 'disgusting'), task of going through abandoned lockers.
With a brave face, trembling heart, plugged nose and latex gloves, I tackled my duties.
Picture the above photo, covered in dust, smelling of a unique and vile mixture of rotten food, BO, dirty clothes and vomit.
Now you are close to my experience. 

Mother's you know all those lunches you made and packed in Ziplock containers 4 months ago? They were all there.
Have you wondered why your child suddenly has no clothes?
They are all there.
The new runners, cleats, backpacks and winter jackets you lovingly handed out a fortune for?
All there.

There is a huge movement on right now, to keep water bottles out of landfill sights....could someone please inform the students that stockpiling them by the dozen in their locker is not really helpful?!!?!?
I even found 2 muddy lawn tractor size wheels in one locker. Huh???
Another student literally lost his marbles...a mountainous bag full...pouring out on me and the floor.

Thankfully, the dirty work is over for this year.
My sweet Jianna decided after I booked tomorrow off to go on her class trip that she would rather I "have a day to myself"...(this better not be over a boy!), so I am doing just that.
One glorious  day of almost solitude before the troops are let loose for the summer...ahhhh
I believe a good book, a walk with my puppy and yet another shower are in order.
Ooopps, I guess my day off has already started.
I believe I will start it with a very long nap!


The Hippie Moose said...

very grim. The tires has to win some award for abandoned locker "treasure"! Enjoy your day!

Maureen said...

Did you really say Vomit?
Because I am really trying to picture this.
I think next year you should suggest a quarterly locker cleanup up days.Go by seasons.
One hallway at a time.
The kids cleanup and you can supervise and the janatorial staff can provide the mops and sponges if needed for the kids to clean.
Time they learned some responsibility.

Williams Family Blog said...

Very funny yet gross. Tires?? must be in some farm kids locker. What were they saving them for?

So glad that you could have some time to yourself before the summer officially begins. Hope it was very relaxing and enjoyable.

BYW the kids are handing out the pencils to their classmates today. They are doing a little "Canada" celebration in their classes, thanks again :)

Holly said...