Monday, April 28, 2008

Take the Shackles off Lord!

Those of you who know my hubby will so appreciate this post...Cheryl, you are about to watch one of your dreams unfold before your eyes!

Yesterday, I had the joy of going to see my girls perform in their "Spring Extravaganza".
In Sept, they both participated in a new ministry from another local church..."Harvest School of the Arts".
Their vision was to provide voice and dance lessons to kids free of charge, so that all kids could grow up with the gift of music. I was thrilled to have the girls participate so whole heartedly and their teacher, a friend I met through the girls' school
 had such a heart to instill in these kids a Godly sense of "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". Lessons about being who God created you to be, and having the courage to be that person when the pressure all around you was to be something or someone else.
Hubby and I grew up in a church background that dictated that there was to be no dancing, in or out of church.

I cried as the senior girls did a number, "Shackles", which had lyrics such as: "Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance...I just want to praise you, I'm gonna praise you".
It was so meaningful!
I got to see my Maria in a cowboy hat, something I tried desperately to do all last year, when they were the trend for girls.
The highlight in all of it, as cute as the girls all were, was seeing my hubby dragged to the front by his little girl with all kinds of other dads and grandpas, (she decided to drag Holly's hubby Shaun up as well), and watching the "shackles" come off of his feet, even temporarily.
Cheryl, I know you tried for years, but there are somethings a man needs the heart of his little girl to facilitate.
The video was taken by my younger son, a little shaky but enjoy.
Mark is the one back on to the audience, (he said it was the only way he could do it)...Holly's Shaun, is the next "daddy dancer".


Cheryl said...

A miracle has happened!! Way to go Mark! Initially I didn't even see your toe tapping... I thought it was a hoax, but alas, your little girl got you going.

EXCELLENT dancing by the girls hip hop team. What a FANATASTIC idea giving free singing lesssons! Yaaayyyy for this idea! I love it.

Holly said...


I didn't know that Mark could dance!!! But I saw with my OWN eyes that he CAN DANCE!! Waahooo!!! Go Mark go!!

I have to say, Shaun can really bust a move too! ;o)

Please tell your girls that they did awesome!!

Mona said...

What a special night this must have been.
I love the videos they are Great!

Anonymous said...

Man I seen him limping around today, are you sure he didn't bust a hip instead of bust a move:-).

So now the shackles are off of Mark, when do we see the video of the shackles coming off of Jen????

Oh by the way I didn't even have to ask if you where there I just had to listen for that distinct laugh in the back ground of the video.

Jen said...

One can always dream of the day they see that particular video!!!!

Hubby likes to do things publicly....mine are off when the camera is off!!!!!

I have been told, that laugh gives me away....I don't get it!

Patty said...

Hi Jen,

This is so fun! I didn't expect to see Shaun too - definitely a bonus I'm sure he'll be thrilled about!

That's what I want to do so well in heaven - dance for Jesus!

Roxanne said...

Oh...what a fun program!!!

Amy said...


I'll have to make Mike watch this so the next Sunday that he leads.....hmmmm.......

Cyndi said...

So I heard throught the grapevine (Holly) there was a video on the web of Mark dancing - had to check that out! AWESOME!! And all that time you just sat there with your bass and you could really move. Nice to know!

Tamatha said...

oh how I wish that I had been there!lol