Saturday, April 17, 2010

Left over Easter Feast

This is a little out of sinc time wise, but was so delicious, I just had to post it.
It was one of the dinners we enjoyed from our leftover Easter Feast.
A terrific mid week meal to pull together.

The Spinach salad was left over from Easter and because I did not toss the dressing into the greens, it kept quite nicely.

I happened to have a 1/2 Calabrese bread in the freezer from a wonderful bakery in Kingston.
I split it in 1/2 horizontally, spread honey mustard on it, then homemade cucumber relish. Next came slices of left over ham, and a mixture of shredded mozza and cheddar.

I used both cheeses simply because if I used 1 or the other, Someone in the house will have decided recently they don't like that particular cheese any longer...They do this to me rather often. SUDDENLY, someone doesn't like something that they have always eaten and somehow I was supposed to know this. Can you believe two of them have decided they don't like chocolate??!?! Is it even POSSIBLE to not like Chocolate?
I am not a tearably indulgent mother, so my general response is...
"I don't care if you don't like it, eat it anyway"
With 1 or 2 children, I might be more inclined to work around their idiosyncrasies...but with 4, and constantly evolving taste buds...not gonna happen.

Once topped with cheese, I baked it until the cheese was bubbly...I have to tell you, even the child who recently decided they don't like ham....LOVED this meal.

It was Delicious.
If I had leftover turkey, I'd try something similar with cranberry sauce...or possibly think open faced turkey club.
Leftover roast beef...endless possibilities.


The Hippie Moose said...

What bakery was the bread from??

Jen said...

I can never remember the name, but it is down town and has the word "Pain" incorporated in the name...beautiful breads there.